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This is the way the blog ends

So, fellow trainsurfers, it is with misty-eyed hesitance that I present the final chapter of the emotional-teacup-ride-history-rewriting-bliggity-bloggo. It took 1.5 hours to make, and features stunning water effects.

I don't have much more to say on the matter, apart from thanking SpindleyQ, and everyone, most profusely for all this site is, and all it has inspired me to do.

Chaos Theory

I've been fiddling with the text adventure creation system Inform 7 and I decided to make a game for this site. I hope this counts as a trainwreck by your standards, or is at least sufficiently strange or interesting. You can run it with Frotz, downloadable here and also here.

Edit: It should be noted that this was semi-loosely based upon a now-concluded running joke in the comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug (information here, see 'Chaos Butterfly').

Relevant commands:

look (or l)
north (or n)
south (or s)
east (or e)
west (or w)
examine (or x)
take (or get)

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Baby, I'm a lost cause

Chapter 6! Out of breath and red-faced and hot off the dating treadmill! You played it here first!

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Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com Has A Half-Birthday

As of yesterday, this site has been around for six months! SIX FUCKING MONTHS. Holy shit it does not seem like that long.

It is pretty rare that I keep up with any of my projects with the level of enthusiasm that I have for this website. Glorious Trainwrecks has been pretty well a constant source of delight for me. The Pirate Kart was one of the highlights of my LIFE. Thanks to all of you for keeping this site kicking ass.

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On Conway West

thought I'd try a blog entry.

Fun time for KotM #4

So maybe I was cheating a bit by thinking what I'd want to do. And that was: a game based on cellular automata, specifically, John Conway's Game of Life.

(Wikipedia has a great page on that:'s_Game_of_Life )

I didn't think KnP was up for it so I went back to, like I did for most of the 100-in-1. (I think I got a little intimidated by what I forgot about KnP)

I warmed up in the afternoon on this:
that's 3D plotting and rotation of generations of Life.

I thought about trying to do a platform game, I really love the idea of unsual platform game setups (esp. because of KnPs weird and wonky default behavior... too bad it's not easy to make platform-y enemies, except ones that just walk back and forth)

But anyway, the event started, and I started from scratch, except I lifted the actual life code from elsewhere. I also tried to grab some of the movement code from -- originally the player controlled quite a bit more like the ghost, but i realized making the player constrained to the grid felt better .... )

So anyway, the game. I had some different ideas, like having multiple enemies making "bombing runs", but this kind of organically emerged. The ghost farting out random blobs worked at least well as I hoped it would, in terms of triggering "Life" events. The gameplay, grab the treasure, health depletes, is nothing too special, but I think it works, more or less. Other details: the ghost is actually using a nice transparency effect. the goal cross wasn't obvious enough so I had it flash colors.

At one point, 90 minutes into it, I thought I lost EVERYTHING of the game, but few, the processing editor unlocked.

You can also see the game online at and the zip is at

If you look at some of the other games I've done in Java, , penultimate section, it looks like I'm developing a bit of a visual style. Just like my HTML style though, it's very utilitarian, based as much on what's easy to do than aesthetic goals... just blasting text to the screen for title and/or ending screens, and score/live read outs along the top or bottom. Plus I tend to use the gray background a lot, which is kind of a "processing" thing.

So, I really liked some of the other works this time, especially the great SFX of "Klik of the Kollossus" -- the use of a tiny character was quite striking, I always dig stuff like that. And "Assassinatrix Adventures" was right sexy.


I managed to haul myself out of bed and do a second entry within the usual time window: Zm, the sequel to Mz.


Due to my time zone placing the Klik of the Month event at an ungodly hour, I have made my entry early. Attached is my very first complete Klik 'n Play game, Mz.

My First Game Needs Your Help

I've decided to join the fold and dabble in Klik 'n Play trainwreckology. I'm currently working on a an experimental 41-screen game utilizing a concept never before seen in Klik 'n Play (probably), but I need your help. The first person to answer this question gets their selection used.

Which word is better: Entrashulate or Engarbefy?

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So, because next Saturday is my wife's birthday, and my parents are in town, and HEY I HAVE A NEW BABY, I participated in this month's Klik of the Month Klub a little early! Inspired by captaincabinets' brave gamebloggin' efforts, I present: FATHERHOOD, EPISODE ONE.

Most of the balancing effort went into making sure it was possible. Not representative of actual fatherhood.

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I don't wanna dance with you girl, I just want to apree-sheee-aate

Like sands through the wheel of time, so are the mixed metaphors, my relationship, and this sprawling bliggity-blog.

Chapter 5 is here, ladies and germs! Steer clear if you are at all hesitant about emphatically shaking hands WITH YOUR SOUL.

Johnny Charisma in: Viva Las Emotions! (Director's Cut)

The reason it's a directors cut is thusly: My original idea was to be able to choose all of the "inputs" before the game ended. Klik & Play, or Fickle & Play as I like to call it, had other ideas, throwing its digital hands up in the air(like it digitally just don't care) with General Protection Faults every time you chose a second item. SO, it ends after the first item. I left the previous conditional in there, so feel free to edit the game and see if you can make it work.

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