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Due to my time zone placing the Klik of the Month event at an ungodly hour, I have made my entry early. Attached is my very first complete Klik 'n Play game, Mz.

My First Game Needs Your Help

I've decided to join the fold and dabble in Klik 'n Play trainwreckology. I'm currently working on a an experimental 41-screen game utilizing a concept never before seen in Klik 'n Play (probably), but I need your help. The first person to answer this question gets their selection used.

Which word is better: Entrashulate or Engarbefy?

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So, because next Saturday is my wife's birthday, and my parents are in town, and HEY I HAVE A NEW BABY, I participated in this month's Klik of the Month Klub a little early! Inspired by captaincabinets' brave gamebloggin' efforts, I present: FATHERHOOD, EPISODE ONE.

Most of the balancing effort went into making sure it was possible. Not representative of actual fatherhood.

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I don't wanna dance with you girl, I just want to apree-sheee-aate

Like sands through the wheel of time, so are the mixed metaphors, my relationship, and this sprawling bliggity-blog.

Chapter 5 is here, ladies and germs! Steer clear if you are at all hesitant about emphatically shaking hands WITH YOUR SOUL.

Johnny Charisma in: Viva Las Emotions! (Director's Cut)

The reason it's a directors cut is thusly: My original idea was to be able to choose all of the "inputs" before the game ended. Klik & Play, or Fickle & Play as I like to call it, had other ideas, throwing its digital hands up in the air(like it digitally just don't care) with General Protection Faults every time you chose a second item. SO, it ends after the first item. I left the previous conditional in there, so feel free to edit the game and see if you can make it work.

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I love the night life, I like to boogie

I offer up another Johnny Charisma adventure, aka chapter 4 of the book of revelationships, two hours in the making:

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

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Break it down for me, baby

I am mindful of burning out on this project, as who knows how long it will last? But i'm afraid this new game, this potent allegory which taps directly into the poisoned crux of relationships during this Age Of Terror, could not be left unmade.

Attached is the mind blowing spectacle, created in 1.5 hours, the third chapter in this relationship-game-o-bliggity-blog:

Johnny Charisma in: The Quest for Emotional Autonomy

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the journey continues

Secondly, I would like to share the delightful

Entertain Olya! Quickly! (attached)

Which is more or less self explanatory.

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oh the humanity

I got klik & play for christmas, sometime around 1995 I think, from probably my favourite uncle of all time. I never actually finished a game with it , preferring instead to try and make ambitious multi-genre 007 games, which I would get bored of halfway through developing the tank level.

Now, after the Pirate Kart Meltdown, my mind has been re-blown about how AMAZING this program is for really quick game development. Not only that, you can make the games as pretentious and emotional-subtextually loaded as you like, because the sheer crudeness of the mechanics and hilarity of the clipart will lower the gravitas like nobody's business.

Now, there are two other factors:
a) It is in my nature to get over any fervent interest (like K&P) within a month or so, and not return to it for a long time. So I better start making some stuff before I mentally move on!
b) I work nightfill at a supermarket, and usually finish around 4-5am, after which I generally decide it is a good idea to not go to sleep. So I have about 2 hours of dead time before the day would begin for most people.

Are you getting a picture here? Well hold your spanish dancing horses, there is one more thing:

c) I have recently begun a new relationship, with a girl I am quite fond of!

Ergo, my fellow glorious trainsurfers, I will attempt to chart the course of this relationship, or at least thoughts pertaining to it, with multiple Klik & Play games, each made in less than two hours and fuelled by Ballantine's Finest. They will be pretentious, they will make you cringe, and they will occasionally be loaded with subtle references only I will understand. And oh yes, there will be plenty of horrendously fast-animated cheerleaders.

To begin, I re-submit to you something I made for the pirate kart:

Walk You Home Tonight (attached)

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I finally sucked it up and threw something together in Klik-n-play. It taught me a few things about the software, so hopefully it won't be such a painful process in the future.
It's three levels of action-packed space genocide with a zeppelin storyline and a real twist at the end.

So here it is: THE DOWNLOAD.

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Rumour Control

This low-quality jpeg has been making the rounds lately. Purportedly it's a leaked photograph taken of a PartnerNet build.

We can neither confirm nor deny anything at this time, but recommend that gamers and hatfans remain skeptical of rumours pending any official announcement.

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