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Work has not slowed on Hax0r over the past week. Oh, quite the contrary! Unfortunately, it has been put to a less than productive use: IMPROVING CODE QUALITY. Bah! Ptoo! Ugh! You know what this means: OVERTHINKING IT. The cardinal sin of glorious trainwrecking! OH, THE SHAME.

I admit! I still think that much of what I did was necessary -- I can somehow convince myself that the crime is that it was merely premature. But in any case, it's DONE now, and I can get on with writing a game with some motherfucking interactivity. If I have not posted a screenshot of some totally new gameplay within the week, AVENGE MY DEATH.

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It has a theme song now.

I'm starting to quite enjoy this.

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Version 0.00001 GONE GOLD.


What is sad is that this program would have taken less than fifteen minutes to write in BASIC on any given 8-bit computer, and the result certainly would not have been over 2 megs compressed. SUCH IS THE PRICE OF PROGRESS, MY DROOGS.

Off to a cracking good start, it is! Download it here!

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Booyah! Stackless Python is BUTTER. I'm never writing another videogame without efficient, co-operative green threads, I swear to God.

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  1. Experience an epic, unforgettable voyage into the soul of hatdom.
  2. Find out where hats come from!
  3. Unique hat-stacking system provides incredible depth and strategy!
  4. Over 50 hours of gameplay!

...Honestly, though? I'm thinking maybe a Llamatron Robotron clone or something. I'd like to do it in XNA, but we'll see how it goes.

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PLATFORM: Pygame + Stackless Python

You know the movie Hackers? I aim to be at least fifteen times less technically accurate.

In the grand tradition of gonzo game dev, I've started with only the vaguest notion of what I want to produce (Grids and cubes and pyramids and shit! Robot pirates! I could start with an homage to C64's "Hacker"!), and a neat piece of technology that I want to use (Stackless Python).

Screenshots forthcoming! (Once I've got some code that draws something.)

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The site is up and I am excited! NOW LET'S GET DOWN TO WRECKING TRAINS, YOU GUYS.

As an incentive to participate, if I am not the first person to upload a finished project onto this site, I will personally videocapture an excruciating home movie that I made when I was like eight years old or something, in which I crashed my model trains into miscellaneous toys for like an hour and upload it to YouTube for all to see. Yes, all you have to do to make me publicly humiliate myself is to have an awesome time creating a ridiculous videogame and uploading it to the site! WHAT COULD BE MORE FUN?

As an aside, literally the morning after I registered the domain for this site, I got a spam email with the subject line, "Trainwrecks are fun, trainwrecks are loud, trainwrecks are spectacles."

Seriously! SPOOKY.

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