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Start: 12:00 am
End: 12:00 am

UPDATE: We placed 6th!

UPDATE: Download the complete 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart here! (31mb, 7z format)

UPDATE: The Meltdown may be over, but the fun is just beginning! Answer the call for metadata!


Thank you so fucking much to all 17 members of TEAM GLORIOUS TRAINWRECKS DOT COM! YEAAAAH!!

The TIGSource B-game Competition was designed specifically for us to win. Yet, it ends in just over a week and no useful work has come out of our collective efforts thus far! The only solution: an insane, balls-out impossible plunge into madness.

Our entry is the "100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart", and in just forty-eight hours, we will produce 100 games. If some of them aren't done in Klik and Play, so much the better. If we don't actually make it to 100 games, well, neither did those 100-in-1 pirate carts. We can always subtly alter game names in the menu and/or do game-breaking sprite hacks.

Like the Klik of the Month Klub, you have no more than two hours to complete a single game. UNlike the Klik of the Month Klub, there is no set time to start and end -- the Pirate Kart Meltdown runs continuously the entire weekend. Klik & Play is freely downloadable.

Also unlike the Klik of the Month Klub, there will be PRIZES. I will personally mail terrible games to your front door for contributing to this noble effort. (Which games, exactly, are forthcoming.) Participants in the Meltdown are competing for these three prizes:

The HOLY SHIT I'M DROWNING IN GAMES prize goes to the person who produces the greatest number of games in the 48-hour period.
The WTF IS GOING ON HERE prize goes to the person who develops the game with the most bizarre mechanics.
The VIVA VARIETY JOHNNY BLUEJEANS prize goes to the person with the largest range of game styles.

Voting in these categories will be open to everyone who creates games this weekend. Yes, even the HOLY SHIT I'M DROWNING IN GAMES prize is put to a vote. I just feel like it, that's why.

Either I'm ineligible for prizes or other people have to send me shit if I win. Prize donations are welcome -- hell, if we round up enough people, a second or third place wouldn't be inconceivable.


(Join us on IRC -- server, channel #glorioustrainwrecks.)

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