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Start: 7:00 pm
End: 9:00 pm

Today is a Someday.

What is a Someday, you must inquire? It is when the one who must do certain things on a Thursday instead does not, and proceeds to not do for several months thereafter. The not doing is what which is the cancer. And the Someday is that which is the cure.

Someday is Sunday. Someday is Wednesday. Someday is Fries Day. Some days are rainy days. Someday is all days.

On the waning of the second half of Someday, July 27th, 7PM to 9PM Eastern, we shall experience the two-hours phenomenon where trains are wrecked. It is known as the Themed Trainwreck Somedays.

However, one must be wary of the trains they are about to wreck, for one mustn't wreck the train the way that any train ought to be wrecked. Instead, one must wreck the train in a very peculiar manner. A manner that follows a theme, if you will. The one theme this manner follows is entitled Single-Button Games.

Buttons are frightening. Buttons are terrifying. Buttons once bit my sister. She became hospitalized for five months.

It is of critical importance that one mustn't include more than a single button in their wrecked trains. The single button may be pressed. The single button may be depressed. The single button may be held in the downard orientation for that matter of time longer than a short period of time. The single button may be not pressed within a period of time longer than a short period of time. However, you shall have no other buttons before the single button.

The tools for wrecking trains shall be found in the place where things are kept. The intercommunication between your other persons who are wrecking trains shall be located on the #glorioustrainwrecks which lies within the, and the verbal air through which Mumbles and grumbles are heard. Should one find themselves in a state that involves not understanding the wrecking of trains using the Playing in Addition to the Kliking, the one should press and depress a single button over this arranging of letters.

I cannot give any further utterances in regards to aid that follows in avoiding pressing a greater amount of buttons than that of the single button, so I shall deliver to you the best of regards in your wrecking of trains.

P.S. The finalized trains that have been wrecked should be transported through a single button press and a single button depress through this arranging of letters.

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