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ZZTV is a community project started by Dark FLR in 1998. ZZTers can create and contribute channels, which are small ZZT worlds that can contain any kind of content the author wishes: previews of upcoming games, artwork, minigames, stories, etc... These channels are traditionally given names that begin with the "#" symbol (e.g., "#bakedcheese"). All of the channels are sent to the person in charge of ZZTV; the project leader is then responsible for compiling the contributions into a series of volumes and releasing them to the public. ZZTVs are done at the rate of about one per year. Each ZZTV is numbered; for example, the current ZZTV-in-progress is ZZTV11. The person in charge of ZZTV changes fairly frequently; Zenith owned the project between issues 4-7 before passing the mantle on, with the more recent project leaders being MadTom, Commodore, and now bitbot.

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hi everyone! i noticed there aren't many (any) events coming up in the near future so have decided to take the plunge and create one myself.

the basic premise is as follows: you have ten days to make as many games as you like, but they must all run for under a minute. time limits like this are kind of difficult to implement in video games, given that every player works at their own pace, so to clarify: the game must run through completely/stop/close itself down within sixty seconds of opening up. what happens in between is up to you! it'll probably be more fun if you try and make your game's duration as close to sixty seconds as possible but i mean c'mon who's going to check. we're all adults here.

• create a 60-second videogame adaptation of the complete written works of James Joyce!
• create a 60-second videogame adaptation of the tingling sensation felt in your cranium when you sneeze!
• create a 60-second videogame adaptation of the 2000 film Gone In Sixty Seconds!

the possibilities are endless.

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