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ZZTV is a community project started by Dark FLR in 1998. ZZTers can create and contribute channels, which are small ZZT worlds that can contain any kind of content the author wishes: previews of upcoming games, artwork, minigames, stories, etc... These channels are traditionally given names that begin with the "#" symbol (e.g., "#bakedcheese"). All of the channels are sent to the person in charge of ZZTV; the project leader is then responsible for compiling the contributions into a series of volumes and releasing them to the public. ZZTVs are done at the rate of about one per year. Each ZZTV is numbered; for example, the current ZZTV-in-progress is ZZTV11. The person in charge of ZZTV changes fairly frequently; Zenith owned the project between issues 4-7 before passing the mantle on, with the more recent project leaders being MadTom, Commodore, and now bitbot.

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Okay, I couldn't get the embed to work, so I put a link here to give a good idea of what to expect using a collage of sorts: Embedding tutorial I need I guess, but ah well.

So yeah, welcome (back?) to the icebox. Someone mentioned it and I initially had this event up and running in 2012 during november time, before all the bustle and hustle of life took over. I probably had a couple things in here that got moved to other events, but that's what an icebox is. It's a novelty freezer. It can stick around, or move about.

Uhh, it's ... back? I don't know if it'll inspire, but I figure instead of making a new event I could just modernize this one. So if the cool ascii logo and assortment of images aren't enough, there's the showcase of the former releases.

But yeah, I'm a culprit of moving my stuff around from event to event via the season (gat's gif is a little fast so I'll hotlink it instead)

I also made a big COMMENT HERE gif file, but I trust if you have anything to say you'll scroll down and leave feedback if you wanted. Otherwise it's up to you. If you want to "sign up" for it for whatever reason, you can do that, I think? You know, for like posterity or something. I'll have it set to run in so and do Post stuff for it, move stuff to it, move stuff away from it. I'm not really picky/choosy or have a big agenda. I

I'll end it before the KOTM or even yield / preemptively end it earlier if something else of focus comes up, but yeah, enjoy!

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