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ZZTV is a community project started by Dark FLR in 1998. ZZTers can create and contribute channels, which are small ZZT worlds that can contain any kind of content the author wishes: previews of upcoming games, artwork, minigames, stories, etc... These channels are traditionally given names that begin with the "#" symbol (e.g., "#bakedcheese"). All of the channels are sent to the person in charge of ZZTV; the project leader is then responsible for compiling the contributions into a series of volumes and releasing them to the public. ZZTVs are done at the rate of about one per year. Each ZZTV is numbered; for example, the current ZZTV-in-progress is ZZTV11. The person in charge of ZZTV changes fairly frequently; Zenith owned the project between issues 4-7 before passing the mantle on, with the more recent project leaders being MadTom, Commodore, and now bitbot.

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Hello friends!!

It's the second Klik & Play marathon! Two years of bringing out your old computers (or DOSBoxes or VM's) to make some games in Klik & Play. This marathon's going to be compiled in an unofficial Pirate Kart and put up on my website!

Two rules.
One: Anything goes.
Two: don't use exports like Multimedia Fusion, keep the games in the native KnP format!

Reha Soft

PS: I'm gonna try to make games on the Thanksgiving weekend. :D

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I found out about this RPG Maker event and loved the concept. It reminded me of the Swap-a-thon we held, but more tightly structured, which might encourage more finished works. I thought it might be fun to try applying it to other game development tools. First up: Knytt Stories!

Basically: a bunch of people start Knytt Stories levels and work on them for a week. Then they get swapped around, and everyone finishes everyone else's levels over another week. Rough plan is as follows:


Week 1 - 2016/3/26-2016/4/2
Participants work on levels. They get half-completed, then uploaded to this event in the comments.

Week 2 - 2016/4/3-2016/4/10
Levels are randomly allocated to participants. They get finished off, and submitted to this event as games.


  1. All skill levels and aesthetics are welcome! Seeing little relaxation zones transition into sprawling wallswim-ridden glitchscapes will probably be part of the fun (but matching tone is just as appreciated).
  2. Try to use less than 12 characters for the author field when creating your level, as there should be room for two and Knytt Stories only displays the first 25 characters.
  3. In week 2, add your author credit by putting " & [yourname]" after the existing author. You'll need to edit the folder name and the Author field in World.ini, and you could put more detailed credits in Info.png if you want.

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