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Start: 12:33 pm
End: 12:33 pm

Hello friends!!

It's the second Klik & Play marathon! Two years of bringing out your old computers (or DOSBoxes or VM's) to make some games in Klik & Play. This marathon's going to be compiled in an unofficial Pirate Kart and put up on my website!

Two rules.
One: Anything goes.
Two: don't use exports like Multimedia Fusion, keep the games in the native KnP format!

Reha Soft

PS: I'm gonna try to make games on the Thanksgiving weekend. :D

Start: 7:15 am
End: 7:15 am

Some of you known I have a bit of a soft spot for weird and/or trashy games. I doubt it's a surprise to hear I fell in love with the concept of the Egglike almost right away.

The term Egglike was coined by Vinny of the streamer group Vinesauce in 2012 to describe an "ironically shitty' game called The Fantastic Game, which combined Unity's basic FPS controller, assets taken from other games (specifically Super Mario 64), memes, collectathon gameplay (the 'dolla') and word salad dialogue. The result was literally fantastic.

Since this game was pretty quotable it spawned a series of copycats of varying degrees of competency (such as Sanic R, Supa Mayro Krat, Shadow of Shrek all the way up to games that weren't intended to be trash, and instead invoked LSD Dream Emulator, such as Crypt Worlds).

The genre officially "died out" when Fantabuloso decided to parody it while making a competent game, which he called Le Fantabulous Game; LFG expanded on the walking simulator formula with the addition of actual combat and Mario/Banjo style minibosses. The dolla became the 'sausage wiener' and a race of creatures called the Shamrock became the enemy.

These days, Egglikes are polarising, with half of Vinesauce's fanbase writing them off as oversaturated and unfunny, and the other half begging Vinny to play more (and he is notoriously unwilling after the original flood of barely playable trash). Scrib's Adventure is the newest Egglike, taking the previous games as more than just a major influence and building its own universe around the Golden Eggs and the Spoops. Why are they still popular? Probably the unpredictability and the energy behind them. It takes a lot to come up with weird sights and balance them with gameplay.

The problem is, there's not many of them. Not intentional Egglikes, anyway.

I want to see what people with experience in experimental game dev can make using the Egglike aesthetic. The rules are simple: it has to be made on Unity, the gameplay has to include the collection of some sort of item (the more random the better), combat isn't mandatory, and there must be a heavy appropriation of classic video games (music especially), inside jokes and memes. Everything else is entirely up to you.

Popular subjects of meme include Mayro/Mario, Sanic, Danny Devito and Shrek, and while Fantastic and SA are great examples and probably enough to work with, you can check out other confirmed Egglikes here:

Start: 4:00 pm
End: 6:00 pm

Can you believe Klik of the Month Klub has been around for TEN YEARS!? It's true! June 3rd marks the 10th birthday of this fantastic event, and even though it's been a while since the last one, I thought a traditional 2-hour game making event would be the best way to celebrate.

The official time of this event is set for June 3rd, 4pm Pacific Time.

But, if you want to make something outside of the allocated time and submit it to this event, go ahead!

Klik & Play is free to download and super easy to learn. Unfortunately, it doesn't run on most modern computers, nor will it produce games that do. If that's a problem for you for some reason, then The Games Factory might be the next best thing!

Alternatively, there are plenty of other tools and level editors around you could use to make something, such as:
Bitsy, kooltool, flatpack, 0m3ga Visual Novel Engine, 3D RAD, VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition, flickuboy, ThingLink, Boppin' Editor, Tabletop Simulator, Castles of Adventure, Sword of Moonlight, The Almighty Paintbrush, Silent Walk: RENAISSANCE, Bangai-O Spirits and Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness.

Want to talk to other game makers instead of working in total isolation? The traditional method is IRC, which you can connect to right here on the site or using the settings server, channel #glorioustrainwrecks.

This time around, I'd also like to try out using the altgamez Discord channel where a bunch of us hang out anyway!

When you've made your game, submit it here!

You can also use the "Sign up" option below if you'd like an ominous email reminder about the event.


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