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Hello friends!!

It's the second Klik & Play marathon! Two years of bringing out your old computers (or DOSBoxes or VM's) to make some games in Klik & Play. This marathon's going to be compiled in an unofficial Pirate Kart and put up on my website!

Two rules.
One: Anything goes.
Two: don't use exports like Multimedia Fusion, keep the games in the native KnP format!

Reha Soft

PS: I'm gonna try to make games on the Thanksgiving weekend. :D

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End: 11:00 pm

August 27th was Knytt Stories' 10th birthday! To celebrate, let's make a collaborative level for this "epic" level competition hosted by Fubaka, which has a final due date of February 28th 2018. The main requirement for this competition is that levels have at least 300 unique screens, which we've already exceeded. Huzzah!

We'll be using The Cursed Gallery as a framing device. Basically, Juni encounters a gallery filled with paintings of different participants' sections, and can travel inside them. Each section can be self-contained in terms of powers, but it will be cool to link all the different sections more directly once the level starts coming together! Vegetal Gibber has already designed a beautiful main hub area that's just waiting to be populated with portals!

The level will require Knytt Stories +, so participants should feel free to go wild with KS+ stuff if they want. In particular, we are hiding KS+ artifact collectibles in hard-to-reach areas for a currently undetermined purpose. You can keep track of that using this handy spreadsheet (and leave little notes to other participants if you want)!

Some discussion is going down in the #hot-jamz channel of the altgamez Discord server, so drop by there if you want to stay totally in the loop! I get the impression the most pertinent stuff has appeared in the comments of this very page, but perhaps that could change.

So, comment or "sign up" if you're interested in participating, or even just make something, upload it, and hope for the best! Feel free to ask questions (but given the loose, last-minute nature of this event you could also feel free to provide your own answers).

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Howdy! Times are a changing and soon Autumn will be here. What better way to celebrate than to get some people together and make a big ol' chain game?

This jam thing is for Unity3D users, and if you're not used to Unity feel free to use pre-made assets and tools as necessary.

To do this jam, create a scene in Unity3D, package it as an Asset Pack, then upload it for use in the chain-game!

- Uploaded file needs to be an asset package file exported from Unity3D, including your scene as well as all of the assets being used in the game (so that way the scene will actually load properly with all of the parts it needs).
- The scene must have Autumn as a theme, you can try Holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving out, or just make a world entirely out of dead leaves, but it MUST have Autumn as it's central theme.
- Your scene can have any form of player control/mechanic as you please, but it does have to have some form of conclusion so the main compilation game can progress to the next creator's scene. If you make a scene that can be considered virtually endless (no goal/free roam), just add a way for the level to end (like placing a door sprite down somewhere or adding a clickable button). Don't worry about actually managing these scene transitions, I'll take care of that for you if you tell me at what point the scene should change in your level.

If you're new to unity or want some free stuff to help you out, you can find resources down below:

(Various links given by GT members, thanks folks!)



Scripting (Thanks for these links BlueBerry Soft!):

FPS Player Controllers:

Visual Assets: (From Nikki, thanks!)

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