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Hi everybody!

You know what I miss? Klik Of The Month events, where you could make a quick trainwreck, or just submit whatever you happened to finish at the time. These events were foundational in my view of Glorious Trainwrecks as a community, because it encourages playing the games made by people who submitted it to the same event. It also creates a kind of time capsule, that brings an assortment of things made around the same time together. It helps link otherwise unconnected games which, in my experience, makes it much easier to find new games and try them out!

As such, I've decided to make a general event lasting from September to the start of December, which is when I'll expect Sekret Santa to become the main event. To be a bit more accommodating, I'm retroactively setting the start of the event to September 1st, so people who've already submitted a event-less game recently are welcome to attach it here!

To give it some optional focus, if you really want to have a connection between your game and this event, here's an idea: Make a game ABOUT an event. You know, like "the circus is in town", "soccer game at 3pm", "checkers competition". Of course, it's okay if you ignore this completely- Feel free to make whatever!!

Happy trainwrecking everybody!

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You know what that means, don't you? It's time for Glorious Trainwreckers all over the globe to share their funnest secret game desires with the world, then turn someone else's wishes into reality!

Here's How It Works:


    Create your wish list of what you want to see in a game, and post it in the comments below. Essentially, this is a list of clues for someone else, so they have an idea of what you'd like to see in a video game made especially for you. If you are late to the party and want to have a go at this, please send me a private message and I'll see what I can do for you.

    My faithful assistant randomly pairs-up a participant with someone else's wish list. Each participant takes that list as an inspiration for the game/toy/puzzle they'll spend the next couple weeks making. Make your games, toys, and puzzles now! As soon as you finish, post your game here in this event (see PHASE THREE, below).

    Games become "due"! Make sure you've created something and posted it here for your recipient to see and enjoy! It's also time to play other participants' games and share your constructive critique and supportive comments. Be sure to show appreciation for your game-maker once you've had a chance to play what they've made for you, of course...!

"OH HECK YEAH I WANT TO PARTICIPATE THIS YEAR!", you must be saying to yourself. All you need to do is post a list below of what you want to see in a game. There are no guarantees you'll see absolutely everything, but I can guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised with what is made for you. Additionally, posting your list below is a solid commitment that you will do your darnedest to create something from the wish list you've been assigned. Do your best. THE FATE OF CHISTMAS DEPENDS ON YOU.

Post questions below, folks! I will do my best to answer them ASAP.

On to the Santa GIFs...

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