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update: EVENT BEGIN!!
altogether 10 people signed up which makes 5 beautiful pairs and thus 5 beautiful games, in time.
For the 4 people who didn't explicitly choose a collaborator i couldn't see any obvious matches so i chose randomly, i hope that's ok. so we have:

sergio <----?-----> nilson
mr.a <----?-----> let-off studios
sylvie <----------> thesycophant
everythingstaken <----------> mno
karen <----------> jacqueline

Have fun and good luck!
If anyone missed the start date you are still very welcome to take part, just leave a comment.


Original description:
it is very similar to tennis, except instead of enemies you are friends and instead of a ball you use a game or game-adjacent object.

in more detail:
1. find a collaborator (*)
2. with your collaborator decide on a format (flickgame, bitsy, unity project, polystyrene, etc). Discuss time constraints (**), boundaries (***) or any adjustments to the default rules that you would like to have in place.
3. decide who will make the first turn. this can be by coin toss, duel, or more imaginative procedure
4. someone makes the first turn.
5. other person makes some modifications (****) to these files and sends them back. Don't talk about what you've done!
6. repeat this back-and-forth until you both decide the game is finished or a predetermined time-limit is reached.
7. put the game on so that we can play it :)

(*) Easiest way to do find a collaborator is to post a comment on this event. Maybe mention what kind of tools or formats you would be interested in working with. If you have strong preferences about duration of turns or the overall process, or about anything else, mention that too. I will try to assign pairings based on tools/preferences, or randomly otherwise. Also feel free to figure out your own pairing or sign up with somebody you already know.

(**) Let's say as a default, each turn should be about 1-2 weeks, and the overall time limit is 6 months.
Feel free to disregard these limits and choose your own. If you want to do the whole game in a lightning week of overnight turns, go for it. Multi-generational familial collaborations spanning centuries are also permissible. You should figure out what works for the two of you before beginning.

(***) Probably best to avoid anything illegal, explicitly sexual, or otherwise confronting, unless you are both ok with it. You are strongly encouraged to discuss beforehand what kind of content you are or aren't comfortable with. And obviously when sharing on GT or elsewhere be mindful of your audience.

(****) in my mind this modification can be anything you choose - add things, delete things, arrange things as you like. deleting the entire project is fair game if you feel it is right. but - if you don't agree with me on this, figure out constraints with your collaborator before you begin.

in my opinion it's best to avoid discussing the changes you are making. Try to communicate through the changes you make instead.
Technical questions ('how do i open this type of file?' etc) are good and encouraged.

For sending the project folder back and forth, just zipping it up and sending over email has worked for me in the past. Or use google drive or github if you're into that kind of thing. Should be even easier with flickgame and other web-based tools.

very importantly please be kind and respectful to one another!!

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(you can edit change or whatever just playing around ^^) i watched you type that in realtime and it's funny lol it's almost as if it's kinda an mmo lol YES (is gdocs a video game? [thinking emoji but it messed this up lol])
time frame: august 1-30 2019

hi i don't know how to make tabletop games / RPGs / LARPs / etc. so i wanna try. i mean i've played monopoly and go fish but i never had friends who were into physical games?? seems like a lot of people did but i usually play games to avoid people lol

so i somehow stumbled upon this thread about tabletop/physical games and it piqued my interest. i haven't really started trying them, so i wanted to make some of my own before i knew too much!

being that gt is a mostly-digital space made me wanna do this even more!! think about how most of us aren't around each other physically and how we can use that framework to our advantage! or maybe it would be cool to make a game that requires meeting with a remote gt'er irl even if that's years from now (or never??)??? Wow

okay optional challenge?? different weeks are different types?
week 1 make a card game , week 2 will be LARPs, week 3 board games, week 4 RPGs
also it's cool if the more you make the better???? i(quasiotter) will try to make one everyday (but im going to bundle them, so day7 of week 1 ill have a bundle of the cardsgames)

the cool thing about physical games is that you can use literally anything in the universe as pieces. you don't even need pieces! you can make a physical game that just uses the human body. Ninja is a good example of this ( but yeah go nuts. everything is a piece and a playing surface, including your cat and the space at your local park and that toy car you found lying half-buried in the gravel on your walk home one time and the front window at the 7/11 down the street (maybe ask first (or dont))

Please eat some beans

I miss emoji reaction things i would thumbs up a lot

thanks to &t and ??? for contributing!!

PS there were more gifs but i couldn't find them or know how to save them from the google doc if you made one please send the image url to me so i can put it here! also if you just wanna add mroe i can do that too lol also i don't know who to credit for contributing to this lmk lol

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