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Start: 10:00 am
End: 10:00 pm

MOST WEB-PAGES SUCCCCCCK !!! let's make a bunch of good ones !!!

I propose we spend a weekend having fun with HTML and CSS, making little websites about whatever we want.

I'd also like to connect them together somehow. Either host them all in one place--like a gallery of pages. Or make something like a webring to conect them together in a chain.

NB: The date has change to avoid clashing with the Potluck Party event!

What to put on webpage ???

Make a page for:

  • all the pets you've had
  • trees near your house
  • a GT game you like
  • a zine
  • to show-off your games
  • weird effects you figured out how to do with CSS
  • politicians you hate
  • a hypertext/media, Twine-like story thing

How to make webpage ???

All you need is:

  • A text editor to write the stuff.
  • A web browser to test it out.

If you don't want to write it by hand there are free WYSIWYG editors (Blue Griffon is the first that comes to mind), and you can (usually) even use whatever word processor you have installed.

There are a gazillion tutorials online, but please suggest good ones in the comments.

I'll come hang out in the discord during the event to answer questions too :)

Where to put my web page ???

Neocities! It's free! ->

Feel free to suggest similar free places in the comments :)

You may like to break the rules, some suggestions are:

  • Make a Gopher Hole instead
  • Start some other kind of Internet-based thing
  • Make a fancy TXT file and stick that up somewhere
  • VRML???
  • Destroy Facebook

Start: 3:55 am
End: 11:59 pm

Merry Chistmas to all!

It's that time of year again, folks! The Glorious Trainwrecks community comes together in the spirit of giving and receiving. Wish lists are concocted, makers secret themselves away in their gift workshops, and at the end of it all every participant comes away with a little something to fill them with holiday spirit.

Here's the three-step timetable:

  • STEP 1: Post your wish list below. (DONE!) Let us know what you want FOR CHISTMAS. Due 7th December. It can be anything you want. This serves as an inspirational springboard for someone from the international, intergenerational, intercredible GT community to make something for you!
  • STEP 2: (Mostly DONE!) On 7th December, you receive your intended gift recipient and can start making a gift for them. You'll receive your specific recipient, and have a chance to review their wish list. You'll also receive an invite to a Discord Server where you can share information and seek out help without your recipient knowing.
  • STEP 3: (Pretty Much IGNORED! Myself Included!) The Soft Deadline is Sunday, 5th January, 2020. Hopefully you've been able to finish your gift and share it with your recipient. Make your announcement by posting your gift here at GT, and inviting your recipient to play!

    SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Post your wish list today in the comments below!

    (this is you)

    (this is what we want to see on Chistmas)

    (you might make something like this for your recipient)

    (your recipient may be half way across the world)

    (your gift might have good guys or bad guys in it, or someone in-between)

    (be sure to leave your gift recipient satisfied. It's a Chistmas Promise you've made!)

    HAVE FUN!!!

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