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Start: 12:00 am
End: 12:00 am

Today (in my timezone, at least) marks 10 years since VVVVVV came out! 10 is a slightly more special number than usual here because VVVVVV was originally going to be called vvvvvvvvvv (this is my excuse for not doing this four years ago).

To celebrate, why don't we try making some levels for it? VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition is free! Games, art, and other works inspired by VVVVVV are also welcome. But if you do wind up making a level, why not post it on the distractionware forums too?

I've set this to run for a little over two weeks, and I'm vvvvvvery keen to see what comes out of it!

Submit stuff here!

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