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Start: 12:00 pm
End: 12:00 pm

"If we could live on hopes and wishes, make movies at the speed of thought, all the movies that could have been, all the dreams that I could spin..."
-The Wizard of Speed and Time

This is a game jam about games that do not exist or currently do not exist. I strongly advise AGAINST making a work for this jam in a computer game engine. Writing will probably be the easiest way to express one's concept but images could also suffice. Take note that text files may not display properly in some operating systems, so consider a more robust alternative. This game jam is heavily inspired by The works of Jorge Luis Borges and Stanisław Lem, so feel free to peruse their fictions. Suzanne Treister has also made some beautiful fictional video game stills.

Here are some examples of a format one could create a fictional game in. It is by no means exhaustive and is not meant to be restrictive. Think of it merely as a starting point for your ideas.

A Design Document
A written work which overviews the scope of the game and how it could be structured. If so desired this work could be created at a later date (As Lem did with Golem XVI). One should Consider giving this document out to the commons, wondering if someone years from now would make a game from written instructions; as I remember some artist (who I cannot recall the name) that sold written descriptions of how to make the artwork that they created.

A Review
This could be in the vein of Stanisław Lem's multitude of fictional reviews. It could be like Big industry and gaming magazine reviews which focus mostly on the technical and aesthetic feel of a game. In simple terms, a buyer's guide. Or it could be a critical analysis of the game as in its narrative and ideological aspects? In simpler terms, it could be an interpretation of the work.

Artistic Mockups
Like Suzanne Triester, one could create artistic visions of a world which does not actually function as a game. An image that merely has the appearance of a game. Create fake graphical user interfaces with bizarre functions and the like. I suppose it could also be done in the musical manner. To create compositions which are evocative of a fictional game?

A Frame Story
Like Borges or Petscop, one could create a fictional work that accompanies a story as an important device. It could be the entirety of the subject as in petscop or perhaps more liberally as one focus of the work like in Borges case. It could be a haunted game yes, but I'm sure there are other scenarios that could be cooked up?

Thank you to all who may hypothetically participate in this jam.

[Images: Suzanne Treister, "Fate Worse Than Death", Cover of "A Perfect Vaccuum" by Stanisław Lem, Polybius Arcade machine photographed by DocAtRS]

Start: 12:00 am
End: 11:59 pm

Hey there, GT fam! It's time for the 2020 Glorious Trainwrecks Family Reunion!!!

Now is a perfect time to comb through the submissions here at Glorious Trainwrecks, past and present, and show some comment love! There are still a few submissions here that haven't seen one measly little mention from visitors... And this is where you come in.

It's pretty easy. Just look through the enormous list of games here at Glorious Trainwrecks for one that has 0 comments. Check it out, play it, and leave a comment. It's that simple!

Maybe there's a game you've checked out and enjoyed something about it, but you just never had the chance to post a comment. This is your golden opportunity (even if it already has a comment or two, or a few). It's all about showing appreciation for someone's effort, energy, and the willingness to put somethin' out there.

Well, you can follow the "more" link below the list of Recent Games over there on the left, but I've taken the liberty of reposting it right here, just for you:

Well, not only will you have that warm n' fuzzy feeling that consumes you when you've shown someone else you care... Not only will that person feel the gratification that comes from learning that someone else cared enough to make a mention about one of their games... But if you make at least five comments during the Family Reunion (and keep record of them below in the comments) I will also comb the depths of the let-off studios recipe book, and share with you what I've come up with! Think of this as photographic evidence of a prize or something.

Oh... And did I mention that you'll be sampling a fantastic game, tool, or toy developed by someone right here in the Glorious Trainwrecks community? Hell yeah! They made it for you to enjoy. Isn't that cool?

So hop to it! In the words of our founder, SpindleyQ, "Glorious Trainwrecks has always been about being a comfortable place where people are kind to each other." Let's come together as a virtual family and let the world know just how kickass the contributors and guests of Glorious Trainwrecks can be.

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