« Saturday August 01, 2020 »
Start: 2:50 am
End: 12:00 am

Welcome to Grid Grind 2020: the event where everything is combined with everything else in a grid matrix, and we see what kinds of games come out in the end...!

6 Personalities... 6 Places... 6 Things... Endless Games?

Personalities mean any type of character you would like to see in a game: animals... firefighters... babies... etc.
Places mean any scenery, theme, or location you would like to see in a game, real or imagined: The Land of Oz... Spokane, Washington... Neptune... etc.
Things mean any specific kind of physical object you would like to see prominently featured in the game: pastries... shoes... ladders... etc.

There will be a grid created for each of the Places determined in Phase 1, where one Persona and one Thing are combined in that Place, and it serves as the inspiration for game-making. Throughout the month of August, make as many games as you are able. Can we, as a community, complete all 216 possible combinations? It's a tall order... But I think we're up to the task! If we don't get to them all, well heck - at least we tried, eh?

There are two phases to this event:
1. Populate the Grid! (complete!)
2. Make Games! (this is done too!)

PHASE 1: Populate the Grid! (Complete!)
Check out the grids by clicking on the links below:

Grid 1: Online Chat Room
Grid 2: Reverse-Gravity World
Grid 3: Utopia
Grid 4: Mysterious Industrial Building
Grid 5: Knytt Stories Tutorial World
Grid 6: Garden
The Spice Cabinet

PHASE 2: Make Games! (Complete!)
Use the combinations in the grid as inspiration to make a small, medium, or large game, and post it here at GT. When you post your game, be sure to include your grid combination (and anything added from the Spice Cabinet) in the description.

Phase 2 ends on 1st September-ish. Maybe the end of the first weekend of September.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Plenty of awesome, goofy games came out of this event. I hope you had fun. I sure enjoyed playing everything you all released.

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