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inspired by lost histories jam*, this is an alphabetical list of games where experiences of a game are more important than the game itself.

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to contribute:

♥ add a page
♥ format it however you want
♥ include proper credits


♥ choose a game because of how important it is to you, not to culture at large
♥ don't edit/delete anyone else's work without their permission
♥ pics must be safe for work but writing doesn't have to be; please provide content warning if so


gifs will be added later lol

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the legend of zelda: breath of the wild (2017)

"Open World" games are the current "hot" thing in video games right now. these games are vast, have massive budgets and take years to make. but I believe that they can be made within weeks, on a budget of $0.

far cry

the goal of the open-world jam is to make one of these games. what defines an open-world game? well it's very loosely defined. but here's some things
- large map with lots of points of interest
- back of the game box would describe it as "vast" or "a massive game world" or such
- a continuous space with no load times (YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS PART IF YOU DON'T WANT)
- lots of "collectables" and "items"

see how much of the player's time you can fill with as little effort as possible. maybe some procedurally generated content? maybe some large, sparse expanses?


Q: is yume nikki an "open world game"?
A: yes

Q: what if I can't make a world that big?
A: you can make it very small, it's allowed

Q: is [game] an open world game?
A: let's just say yes

Q: may I submit an unfinished game?
A: all open world games are unfinished in some way, so yes

feel free to play fast and loose with the concept. now go! out! into the world!

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For this 5-year lifespan, an new console was made for use. But it didn't have any games. So you will decided to make some games for the fictional console.

Screens for this console can handle 3. Normal, XL and XXL.
Normal = 500x400px
XL = 1000x600px
XXL = 1600x880px

It only handles 8-bit music and sound.

It can be used for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

And that is it for that little fictional console.

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