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inspired by lost histories jam*, this is an alphabetical list of games where experiences of a game are more important than the game itself.

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to contribute:

♥ add a page
♥ format it however you want
♥ include proper credits


♥ choose a game because of how important it is to you, not to culture at large
♥ don't edit/delete anyone else's work without their permission
♥ pics must be safe for work but writing doesn't have to be; please provide content warning if so


gifs will be added later lol

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For this 5-year lifespan, an new console was made for use. But it didn't have any games. So you will decided to make some games for the fictional console.

Screens for this console can handle 3. Normal, XL and XXL.
Normal = 500x400px
XL = 1000x600px
XXL = 1600x880px

It only handles 8-bit music and sound.

It can be used for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

And that is it for that little fictional console.

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Knytt Stories is a game where you play as the character Juni. Run, jump, and climb through endless levels created by people just like you. Your only limit is the human imagination. Get started at and earn a free Detector today with this exlusive offer.

Q How do I get started with the Knytt Stories SDK?
A The Knytt Stories Message Board has a manual to help get started with making the best Knytt Stories levels for free.

Q What kind of game is Knytt Stories?
A Knytt Stories is a platforming game where you run and jump over enemies and through various different worlds. You have to avoid the hazards, but some levels may have more hazards or less hazards than other levels. Along the way you will encounter many stories and plots.

Q Why is Knytt Stories the best game for me?
A Knytt Stories is the best game for you because it stimulates creativity in the brain, and lets you explore unlimited worlds, so there's always something new to find. Additionally, it meets all of the standards of a platformer like gravity, speed, collectibles and good controls.

Get started at and earn a free Detector today with this exlusive offer.

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