Your piano is this instrument! Black, enshined, playing without the mouth! For joyous boogiewog, yazz or time of rags!\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\nComing now, [[try me another|Encore strumenti]]!
You jaundice horn must be have of tromp or buggle! Buggle if valves are none, tromp if valves are of saliva!\n\nTry now again, [[encore further instrument|Encore strumenti]]!\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n
Down going, deep into //toumzim// -- smart, arrange mat to cover trapped door when close. Noises of horrible hearing from up the stair, timbers splint, plastering crack, glassy smash. Then, the quiet, but for heavying breath.\n\nNo for bombing in shelter, instead roots. You grab turnip in floor and pull but without effect of mouse.\n\n[[Lighting spills down case of stair, and the steps of feet, they begin down|Drum]]
<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\n//Prep tipna// on behalf of Republic of Frobnia, in hopings you enjoyment of education entertaining of music on this day! When next again needing identify of Frobnian instrumentation, please to considering alert of next of kin to refer this helping guidebook. \n\n//Zlettna!//\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>
Is instrument being yellowing box of bread?\n\nVery goodness, with the crumbs of hardening and leavings from rodent friends, shaking the box of bread with position of lid in closing, make gentle rhythms like hollowness of winter belly.\n\nBut must having another instrument of music, not only box of bread -- maybe also was jar of herring? [[Try ongoing!|Encore strumenti]]!
Of uncountabulous many curvings, only one of yellow instrumentation can you having! Of Frankish antler, without any suspect!\n\n[[Have another instrumentation now|Encore strumenti]]!\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=""></html>
Taking one of step closer to instrument, you feeling bite in ankle. Is swamp snake? Chigger of delta? No -- leg //meretzni// with snare of rust wire. You pulling and pull but without goodness, mobilize is no. Searching pocket for to cut, but none. Even instrument is expose as impostor, pile of rags and bottles made for to look like machine of beauty music.\n\n[[Then you are hear Zef approach from behind|Xylophone]].
Must havingly you of sound of saxy, with grass of bog moving in mouth! Is positive, entire!\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\n[[Now another attempting|Encore strumenti]]!
Is behind you! Sound of violent in conservatory as leaving, you laugh self a little as reflect on escape of fate. //Folkznip// building, she rececession in distant, feather of smoking in visible, and congratulate your self on survive.\n\nMinute later, as pass between two dead of trees, are spot with eye instrument of music lay on grounds. Insatiable of curious, approach you to determine [[kind of what|Kind of what]].
<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\nAgain try! Delightful what, finding another instrument for me to guessing! Now, novel music tool: it is with having flourishing of ivory?\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\n[[Yno.|The plot, she thickens]]\n[[Nyes.|The plot, she thickens]]
Zef Moçalishtë loom over you as looking up in sky, but for no crop duster to you rescue. Attaching the other the snare loops to hand and leg, you leaving abandon beneath sun, without hope of move. Circulation leave foot and hands, unable to free or leave. Late, the sun is going the away, and you are hear the noise of animals native to marsh of Frobnia.\n\nElegant the racoon-ox of fair Frobnia, cavorting beneath her moon. Crafty the goat-wolf, eat what it cannot hide and hide what it does not for wanting! The owl-spider I cannot more say, I am too much of afraid.\n\nYou are not surviving the night. After some month, Zef is return to recover your bones, now expose without the meat. Skull especially, and cage of ribs, with long bones of leg. Arrange they are, on a rack, in order length to shortness, tie in place with stripes leather and hitting them with the long bones of leg to make dry, hollowness sound. [[Now is you became a xylophone!|Joyous ending!]]\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=""></html>
Clever have you greased up and sliding bones of Tom up and down, now lowering, now raising in sap!\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\nAn excellent investigation, [[further trying|Encore strumenti]]?
Congratulate and excel! Is instrument in stature of box of bread?\n\nIs [[greater in stature to box of bread|Greater than box of bread]].\nIs [[deficient in compare than box of bread|Deficient in compare than box of bread]].\nIn size of box of bread, [[is same|Breadbox]].
or People's Glorious Democratic Republic of East Frobnia and Territories\n(courtesy Ministry of Muzikanalytik, Ostnezka)
Shadow of Zef Moçalishtë against light from up the stair fall across you. He notice ineffect turnip in hand and laughing and laughing grab you with rough hands for to bring in kitchen and cook //vlasnesh// with //slopz//, as tradition cooks in Frobnia with the turnips.\n\nPut up struggling but year of fighting the beluga in bog give Zef higher hand, subdue you with easy. Careful the skin is remove, meat scraped from bones of you to stew with //viski huritz// in pot, with bones in another pot for to make broth. While with the cooking, Zef refresh with glass of traditional beet brandy and turn attending to skin of you, stretch tight over round frame. Drying over cook flame, he return again and now to tighten the skin above the frame, until final he is fastening around the edge and hitting it with mallets.\n\nWith a grand //grushni// and rapid //reznetzi//, his rhythm pounded out is the great, on [[the drum that now is you!|Joyous ending!]]\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=""></html>
Safety in darkness of case closure, you feel soft cloth of case insides against face. Terrify noises you hearing outside music room, smashim, crashim, things are being tearing apart in complete!\n\nYou are feel movement, case is lifting by strongman and you transport somewhere. Crack of bright light showing on leg but not to eyeballs, locating still unclear. Trudge, tromping, you are hear sound of long march. Hour, days afterward, you not knowing, sway rhythm end.\n\n[[Case open|Harp]]!
Vas ist nearby? A piccolo sleeve -- too smalling! Cardboard gittar case is there, can only be hiding one half or other of your body, no one fooling by walking gittar! That, in cello case! If compact, can be fit interior! Quicken, and the latch! [[You are hide|You are hide]]!
<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\nHmm, of some concerning. And the sound of the wheeze, with bellowing and rumble?\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>\n\n[[Yep.|Choozhoo]]\n[[Nyep.|Choozhoo]]
How many curvings has your instrument?\n\nNot [[hardly at any|Hardly at any]].\nOnly but [[few but varying of size|Few but varying]].\n//Nimnimski//. [[One of hundreds|Nimnimski]]!
Guide of Identification of Musical the Instruments of Frobnia
A clarinet is having you are! Ho ho ho, with jolly vibrations the laughing reed has vibratings with lips and tongue of you.\n\nThis one is too without difficulty, [[attempt another instrument of music|Encore strumenti]]!\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=></html>
<html><img src=><p align=center></html>\n\n//PIMSNA, FROBNIZ!// MANYS GREETING BEING TO YOU! This software of excitation being to helping you with identify with all of musical instrumentation! Do you are having of unknowns musical equip? Following our guide for correctly identity of unknowing instrument!\n\nQuestion the first: Is being your instrument [[tinted a yellow|Yellowing]] or instead, [[the black|The Black]]?\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=><p align=center><iframe src="" height="35" width="370" style="border:0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></html>
Hurrying, you the terribly danger are in! Am sad, knowing signs of too well -- with terribly wheezing, stained ivory... is no equip of musical, but rascally gigantic Zef Moçalishtë from //gazni//! He want for nothing more than for grinding bones of you to pumpernickel and making borscht from tender vittles of neck and throat! You must circulate for samizdat, in hidden!\n\n[[In case of instrument|Break glass]].\n[[Below, into shelter of bombing|Root cellar]].\n[[To open steppes, for scorching of earth|Watching your steppe]].\n\n
But if this section were attached to any other section, it would reveal that the genuine author of the work was none other than Rowan Lipkovits of [[Turn to Page 4|]] , sweating bullets to get this submission in to Pirate Kart V: the 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection on Friday, February 24th, 2012. Version 2.0, with .GIF animations and sounds finally incorporated, completed March 16, 2012.\n\nFrobnia, "I Am Frobnia, a Fortunate Tourists Guide and Phrasebook", and Border Zone are (c) Infocom 1987, Activision 2012 and are used without permission.
Too simpleton!\n\nYou instrument, does put it in you the mouth?\n\n[[In the mouth.|In the mouth]]\n[[Out the mouth|Out the mouth]]
Horrify appear of Zef Moçalishtë, I describe not. Surround with the bright of light, with sharp and cut instrument in hand.\n\n//Izi slep//, very sor, but censor of descript from execute, which not slow, but of great mess after the //veznim enzom//. Abdoming is open, with Zef careful remove and treat the innard. Some time later, after treatment unspeak of rest of remain, gut dried and drape with tense over trianglular frame of wooden. Longer stripe of gut making note of lower. Many stripe of gut of differing longs make for chord, melodic, many options musical.\n\n[[You now are harp!|Joyous ending!]]\n\n<html><p align=center><img src=""></html>