You can't hear your heartbeat. You can't feel the pulse of photons through your fiber-optic capillaries, flickering faster than any mortal sense. But you feel pretty good.\n<<set $blood = "light">>\n[[replace your skin with paper|skin-paper]]\n[[snakes are mostly muscle anyhow|muscle-snakes]]\n[[replace your bones with pure love|bone-love]]
Your fondue-pot heart pumps melted gruyere through your veins. Vampires hold no more fear for you. (Rats are another story altogether.)\n<<set $blood = "cheese">>\n[[develop a musculature of tightly wound springs|muscle-springs]]\n[[some iron bones might be nice|bone-iron]]\n[[replace your skin with paper|skin-paper]]
You are gleaming, brilliant, indestructible. Each organ within you is artfully displayed, refracted through your facets. You can't move.\n<<set $skin = "diamond">>\n[[transmute your blood to acid|blood-acid]]\n[[wrap your innards with twine|skin-twine]]\n[[construct a skeleton from balsa wood|bone-balsa]]
Perfectly balanced tensions. Each motion sharp and whip-like. You hope the linkages hold, or things could get messy.\n<<set $muscle = "springs">>\n[[surely the best skin is diamond|skin-diamond]]\n[[some iron bones might be nice|bone-iron]]\n[[you know what i could go for? cheese. cheese for blood.|blood-cheese]]
<<if $blood neq "acid">>Everything's held in place. Mostly. When you move, there's some shifting, some sagging. It's worrisome.\n<<set $skin = "rubber">>\n[[develop a musculature of tightly wound springs|muscle-springs]]\n[[develop a leather-based bloodstream|blood-leather]]\n[[replace your bones with pure love|bone-love]]\n<<else>><<display 'dissolved'>><<endif>>
<<if $blood neq "acid">>It takes a lot of winding, and it itches like hell, but it works. Weather resistant, and hardly any leakage.\n<<set $skin = "twine">>\n[[develop a musculature of tightly wound springs|muscle-springs]]\n[[replace your bones with pure love|bone-love]]\n[[you know what i could go for? cheese. cheese for blood.|blood-cheese]]\n<<else>><<display 'dissolved'>><<endif>>
[[develop a musculature of tightly wound springs|muscle-springs]]\n[[install servomotors instead of muscles|muscle-servos]]\n[[snakes are mostly muscle anyhow|muscle-snakes]]\n\n[[construct a skeleton from balsa wood|bone-balsa]]\n[[some iron bones might be nice|bone-iron]]\n[[replace your bones with pure love|bone-love]]\n\n[[develop a leather-based bloodstream|blood-leather]]\n[[suffuse your circulatory system with light|blood-light]]\n[[transmute your blood to acid|blood-acid]]\n[[you know what i could go for? cheese. cheese for blood.|blood-cheese]]\n\n[[replace your skin with paper|skin-paper]]\n[[surely the best skin is diamond|skin-diamond]]\n[[replace your skin with a coating of rubber|skin-rubber]]\n[[wrap your innards with twine|skin-twine]]
These are <html><em>heavy</em></html>. You stagger slightly, and your calves resonate metallically with each step. It's kind of nice, actually. Like wearing steel-toed boots, but for your whole body.\n<<set $bone = "iron">>\n[[transmute your blood to acid|blood-acid]]\n[[replace your skin with a coating of rubber|skin-rubber]]\n[[snakes are mostly muscle anyhow|muscle-snakes]]
Fragrant oil courses through your supple brown veins. A faint creak escapes your chest with every heartbeat. You feel rugged and powerful.\n<<set $blood = "leather">>\n[[replace your skin with paper|skin-paper]]\n[[construct a skeleton from balsa wood|bone-balsa]]\n[[install servomotors instead of muscles|muscle-servos]]
You feel poised and balanced, impossibly light. It's all you can do to resist leaping into the air. Who knows what heights you can reach?\n\nOr what will happen when you land?\n<<set $bone = "balsa">>\n[[suffuse your circulatory system with light|blood-light]]\n[[install servomotors instead of muscles|muscle-servos]]\n[[replace your skin with a coating of rubber|skin-rubber]]
<<if $blood eq "light">>What a lovely lantern you make!<<else>>Every movement a crinkle, a new crease. Spots appear as your <<if $blood eq "blood">>blood<<else>>oil<<endif>> begins to leak through. This may have been unwise.\n<<endif>>\n<<set $skin = "paper">>\n[[replace your skin with a coating of rubber|skin-rubber]]\n[[install servomotors instead of muscles|muscle-servos]]\n[[construct a skeleton from balsa wood|bone-balsa]]
You are made entirely of meat.\n\nThis won't do at all.\n<<set $blood = "blood">>\n[[develop a leather-based bloodstream|blood-leather]]\n[[replace your skin with paper|skin-paper]]\n[[some iron bones might be nice|bone-iron]]\n
A soft fizzing sound, then a gentle <html><em>pop!</em></html> as your acid eats through. You slither into a heap on the floor.\n\n<<display 'gameover'>>
<<if $skin eq "diamond">>Ah, the old xenomorph treatment. Anyone tries to mess with you now, they'll be sorry.\n<<set $blood = "acid">>\n[[replace your skin with a coating of rubber|skin-rubber]]\n[[develop a musculature of tightly wound springs|muscle-springs]]\n[[construct a skeleton from balsa wood|bone-balsa]]\n<<else>><<display 'dissolved'>><<endif>>
Love is the strongest force of all. Why shouldn't it form the base of strength for your body?\n\nBecause it's a metaphorical strength, not a mechanical strength. I mean, duh. You collapse into an unsightly pile.\n\n<<display 'gameover'>>
They coil and bunch beneath the skin, lending you their scaly strength. Sinuous motions, striking quickly when needed. You hiss more than you used to.\n<<set $muscle = "snakes">>\n[[some iron bones might be nice|bone-iron]]\n[[develop a leather-based bloodstream|blood-leather]]\n[[transmute your blood to acid|blood-acid]]\n
Develop a Leather-based Bloodstream
Not much you can do now. You should probably rewind or restart or something.
<html><em>Whirrrr-click! Whirrrr-click!</em></html> You can't wait to hit the dancefloor with these moves.\n<<set $muscle = "servos">>\n[[construct a skeleton from balsa wood|bone-balsa]]\n[[surely the best skin is diamond|skin-diamond]]\n[[suffuse your circulatory system with light|blood-light]]