The end of this clothespin has been filled in with blue, about a centimeter at the end away from the jaws. It is holding a green piece of yarn to the door. There is an arrow pointing from the blue to a green marking on the pin, and another arrow pointing to a red marking. After the red marking is an arrow that goes in a circle and points to itself.\n\n[[Remove the pin and attach to another point on the grate.]]\n[[Remove the pin and attach to a green bit of yarn on the gate.]]
There is a rainbow of string colors connecting to the clothespins.\n\n[[Follow a green string to the inside of the cage]]\n[[Follow a red string to the inside of the cage]]
You remove a single pin and pocket it. The one you chose has a green line and an arrow pointing to a red and green line.\n\n[[Walk away|End]]
The structure of yarn inside the cage has shifted slightly. A tag attached to the green bit of yarn has move close enough to the door to be able to read it.\n\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Look at the tag]]\n[[Walk away|End]]
You notice on the bottom of this pin there is a note that reads "tie off yarn".\n\n[[Tie off a bit of yarn]]
<<actions "Look at a clothespin with blue" "Move some pins" "Look at a clothespin with red">>
The yarn that was attached to the pin sags slightly, but due to the long bit that hangs outside the door it doesn't fully fall inside the cage.\n\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Walk away|End]]
You see a green cage set into a building. The door of the cage is made from fine wires, spaced in a grid about an inch apart. There are two heavy bars that separate the grid into four subsections.\n\nOn the wall next to the door there is a small sign.\n\n[[Read the sign]]\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Walk away|End]]
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You tie a bit of yarn to the grate. You flip the clothespin over and attact it to the top of the grate away from where people will see it.\n\nYou feel as if something has been lost.\n\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Walk away|End]]
The tag reads "Remove three pins, and attach to any color yarn. Remove any pins initially holding that yarn".\n\n[[Move some pins]]\n[[Move a single pin]]\n[[Walk away|End]]
By reading this sign you have agreed to participate in this game. Please take turns, as many as you want.\n\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Walk away|End]]
The green string extends inwards and down to the floor. About half way down, a tag hangs from the string with some text written on it. You can't make out what the text says, but it is only a sentence or two. The yarn is attached to the ground by means of a heavy washer which is glued in place. There are a number of other strings tied to this green string that all extend to the back of the cage, where they are also affixed by washers.\n\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Look at the yarn]]
On the door there are a number of clothespins. Some of them have text written on them, and some do not. The all have a bit of color on the end of them. They are holding bits of yarn to the door of the cage, that extend to the inside of the cage.\n\n[[Look at the yarn]]\n<<display "Clothespin Actions">>
Jonathan Brodsky
You move some pins and the internal structure shifts significantly. You notice that there were a few strings that managed to become untangled from the ball, and are now hanging slack across other bits of yarn. Some other bits of yarn have become more tight however.\n\n[[Walk away|End]]
The red string extends towards the center of the cage where it links up with a number of other strings. You lose it in the ball of connections. Out of the mass of connections, the strings extend in all directions except for the door. Some of the strings have tags with writing on them, but not all. You can't tell if the one that you are looking at does or not.\n\n[[Look at the door]]\n[[Look at the yarn]]