Node 4898 Click on the Application to set the focus.

PRESS = for next frame, BACKSPACE for previous frame.. If you're frustrated or wanna replay something, DO SO WILLINGLY. Requests for music stopping P for pause and R for.... Well no resume but.. Dare to dream right? Maybe you want to pause it while reading this or wanna throw on some kpop or something. Note: ending theme will play uninterrupted, though it is short. F11 FOR BROWSER FULL SCREEN FOR FULL NEVER DULL EFFECT

Look I can sit here and document this all to death but how can you experience it? You are Dr. Awesome, and you want to open up a vampire saloon.. GO ON AND DO IT FOR HIM.. You have to take the steps.. But the music that's not his is very fast paced and so is the game.. I had another midi I was gonna use by Boa, but due to pacing I couldn't include it. I even arranged the main chorus with Accordions cuz they rock!.. I can share it if you want. I put boa in the game. I put me in the game, and I put other stuff in the game

On top of trying to please my secret santee MKAPOLKA 2 weeks after deadline, I have followed his wishes to attempt something better and different from else, and have done what I can to make a solid adventure to compensate for probably the best gift ever.

But I have all of you to thank for helping me get this far, so anyone else who posted I tried to give a little something for everyone. I mean look at that wishlist.. WHY NOT SEIZE AN OPPORTUNITY? I didn't intend to take this long, but I had to learn a new program in the process so bear with me, enjoy the flash object.. I'll link to a sauce in pm for anyone interested. go all. This is a short way to thank everyone for welcoming me into the ug from the beginning.

DIRECT LINK TO SWF FILE oh man doesn't that annoy people when you go to a site and the link to the swf is top secret and you have to right click and view the sauce and copy and paste and put in the right folder? DONE FOR YOU SAVE N SHARE IF YOU LIKE!! And now Wishlists fulfilled time!

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