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Created on: July 8, 1997
The $$$ $creen$aver: The Million Dollar Screensaver.
Piles of Money Easy Come, Easy Go
The $$$ $creen$aver: The Million Dollar Screensaver
Version: 1.00
Last Modification Date: 3/19/98 (Thursday, March 19, 1998)
File Size: 1.19 MB
Author: Christopher Jay Craft
Publisher: (Chris Craft Software)


Can't afford to wallpaper your house with one hundred dollar bills? Well at least now you can
wallpaper your computer instead by using The $$$ $creen$aver. And considering how much
money some of us spend on our computers these days, what more could any of us ask for in
a screensaver. Have you ever seen a million dollars? Watch this screensaver for a while
and you will.

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