Ultra Car images

'Allo! This is my small art gallery, a section of Ultra Car's Spiffy Home Page that I keep a bunch of old art and images from my years of drawing. Most of them are stupid. Nearly all of them are old. But I keep them here. Why? 'Cuz I can.

Individual images

Ultra Car
Standard shot
Burnin' rubber
All there is?--An old comic.
Cement blocks--Another old comic.

Old mug shot
Wrong side--Mike? He means Howard, yesss...

Old mug shot
Joe surfs the Net

Sal smilin'
Bungee jumping in 30 minutes or less--An old comic.

Howard screams


Group images

Ultra Car and others
Ultra Car and others 2
Hormones--A man's worst enemy.
Rebuilding Ultra Car--With Zoomer
Joe's botched experiment--An image from old story "Ultra Car and Walky"
First Sal and Rachel--With suggested improvements from a friend

SEMY images

Individual images

Walky and Doritos
Walkerton oil painting
Walky shoots aliens
Walky figure kitbash--Made using a Nightwing toy.

Sal figure kitbash--Made using a Harley Quinn toy.



First SEMY Joyce pic--From the old story "Absent Minds Make the Heart Grow Fonder." And Brian's sorta not-black
Joyce waves
Joyce in pool--Gratuitous swimsuit pic
Joyce skinned--Screenshots of my Joyce skin in Quake 2

Group images

Walkerton 4 title image--With dead aliens! Woo!
Squadrons 128 & 135 help up Walky
Squadron 128 vs The Mutant Frosted Honey Bun--A t-shirt design
Squadron 128 poses
Walkerton and his stealth bomber--Crashing, actually
First Squad 135 group picture
Falling out of helicopter--Pic from old story "SEMY...Again?!"
Walkerton and Joyce--A terrible picture
Walkerton and Sal
Joyce and Jason--By Liquid Vecro!

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