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Walkerton 3

Pentium game

You must have a pentium 75-mhz or more to play this game. This game go's to slow when you play it on a 486 66-mhz or less.

And walkerton is back in a new strange game. In this game you must destroy the aliens and save earth. But everything go's wrong and the aliens have won. Then professor doc comes and tells you he has a time machine. So what do you do? You go back to the future. Well if you think that the game is strange you should see the movie...:-) But just like the movie this is a realy cool game. With allot of levels that will keep you bussy for a long time. But if you dont have a pentium 75-mhz or more this game go's to slow.

What other people have said about this game:

Played on a pentium:

Person 1: Walkerton is back...yes..this is a realy cool game and realy fast.

Person 2: Wow the gameplay is much better then part 2 but still not good. And wow does this game go fast.

Played on a 486 66-mhz:

Person 1: Hey what happend this game is slow if you play it on a 486 66-mhz. Its not fun to play anymore. May i play it on the pentium again?

Person 2: Nooooooooo it go's to slow. But the graphics are still realy cool.

The graphics are better the music is better the gameplay is better but the game is still to slow.

Graphics: 9,5 Music: 8 Gameplay 8

The game gets a: 8 (number 5 in the top 10)

Pictures of the game:


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