Tales From #k&p:

One afternoon fellow Kliker David Willis logged on to #k&p, only to find himself all alone.
Suddenly he came face to face with - HIMSELF! Just who was this imposter? read and find out!

Session Start: Thu Oct 24 16:11:15 1996
<DavidW> I am king!
<DavidW> Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
*** DavidW changes topic to "Walkerton RUUUUULLLLLLLEEEEEESSSSSSS"
*** DavidW changes topic to "DavidW wuz here :)"
<DavidW> So, David, how are you?
<DavidW> Oh, fine, thanks. And you?
<DavidW> Oh, great. How's W4 going?
<DavidW> Oh, didn't you hear? I'm doing Robo-Vac Unplugged at the moment.
<DavidW> Really?
<DavidW> Yes. Samkim's a big help.
<DavidW> I've heard that he did a lot of music for Walkerton 3.
<DavidW> Yeah. What game are you doing?
<DavidW> Oh, I'm working on Robo-Vac Unplugged.
<DavidW> What?!
<DavidW> Yes, it's coming along very nicely.
<DavidW> You can't work on that game! I am!
<DavidW> You surely must be mistaken. I started Robo-Vac two weeks ago.
<DavidW> So did I!
<DavidW> Hmmmm...
<DavidW> Well, anyway, what other games are you doing?
<DavidW> Well, I was doing a paintball game, but it sorta bored me.
<DavidW> Great! Did it scroll?
<DavidW> Of course, you moron! I'd expect you to know that!
<DavidW> Just asking : (
<DavidW> I'm sorry. I'm being rude.
<DavidW> That's okay. I guess we all make mistakes. I can see where you're coming from. <DavidW> Well, we're all made up, then, aren't we?
<DavidW> I guess so.
<DavidW> At least one of us is made up.
<DavidW> What are you insinuating?
<DavidW> Well, we BOTH can't be DavidW. I mean, this IRC server doesn't allow it.
<DavidW> That does make sense. But whom is the imposter?
<DavidW> I really have no idea. And it's 'who,' not 'whom.'
<DavidW> Sorry. I usually don't make mistakes like that. I was the Copy Editor for my school newspaper, you know.
<DavidW> Yes, I know.
<DavidW> I guess you would.
<DavidW> So who is made up?
<DavidW> Not to be rude again, but I believe that you are sounding a little false.
<DavidW> False? FALSE?! I think not!
<DavidW> And your personality pales to mine. You're obviously a crude duplicate.
<DavidW> AM NOT!!
<DavidW> Are too!
<DavidW> Am not!
<DavidW> Are too!
<DavidW> Am---Hey! Only the Real DavidW would keep on doing this forever and ever. <DavidW> So we both are.....
<DavidW> How'd THAT happen?
<DavidW> I don't know. It happens all the time in the comics.
<DavidW> It does? I haven't read one for so long.
<DavidW> Yeah. You should see that whole Galvatron mess in TransFormers G2.
<DavidW> Oh, what happened to him.
<DavidW> Too difficult to explain.
<DavidW> Okay. Where were we?
<DavidW> You remember as well as I.
<DavidW> Oh. Sorry. Look further up the page.
<DavidW> Yes......How did this clone thing happen?
<DavidW> Are you sure it's clones?
<DavidW> Well, do you have any plausible solutions?
<DavidW> It might be that we are just completely bored and have no life.
<DavidW> Perish the thought!
<DavidW> This kind of thing does happen.
<DavidW> What can we do?
<DavidW> I don't know. How about you?
<DavidW> I don't know either.
<DavidW> Figures.
<DavidW> I guess the only plausible solution is to hang up.
<DavidW> But I'm having so much fun!
<DavidW> Yes, me too, but this insanity must end.
<DavidW> I'll hang up first.
<DavidW> I'll hang up second.
Session Close: Thu Oct 24 16:26:34 1996

I really have nothing to say about this. I'm sorry, I just don't want it known that I have ever come into contact with such a madman. Please forgive me. : )

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