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31st July 1999: Okay, forget the Klik & Play Story, it ain't gonna work. Hehheh. Ah, well. Hmm. Well, many of you probably know that I recorded a few K&P 'radio shows' with Real Audio, but until now, I hadn't linked them to this page. Well, uh, here they are. You'll need Real Audio to listen to them, and I recommend that you get the latest version of Real Audio G2... ah well. The shows are a bit rubbish, but don't say I didn't warn you! - Martin's Klik & Play Klub
16th June 1999: Holy update, Batman! Er... hi! Back again... and this time I offer you the Klik & Play Story , a new feature that will allow you to create a story featuring K&P characters! It's just a little experiment, and I know the first entry is crap... but hey, you try and make something better up in one minute when you're meant to be revising for your History finals... :D
Er, by the way, the page isn't working at the moment, so I'll have to fix it tomorrow...
Anyway, toodle pip for now, chums!
11th February 1999: Er... heya. Happy New Year, and all that! Sorry I haven't updated recently, but I have had a sickening amount of projects and essays to complete in that sickening place that has come to be known as 'Real Life'.. also, I had the Mock exams, a practice run for the real thing - and these are vitally important, so I need to prioritise those above updating my webpage, although I'd much rather do the latter.
Anyway, there's not really an update today, but I just want to say a few things. First, PLEASE do not ask me to send you Klik & Play. For one thing, I don't even have it anymore, as I got rid of it when I purchased The Games Factory. However, the main reason is that it would be illegal, and "I bought the program but didn't get a password" isn't going to work... sorry about that.
And to those who were asking for advice on where to purchase K&P.. well, I don't honestly think many places sell it anymore. The program is over 4 years old, now, and hideously out of date. Even Click and Create and The Games Factory are showing their age, although I'd advise you to try and pick up a copy of either of these. I did hear about K&P potentially becoming freeware, but I think that was just a rumour. I will let you know if I find out anything about this.
Anyway, a holiday is coming up shortly, so I hope to update my page then.
27th September 1998: Wow, there's some actual substance in today's update! I've just uploaded a file that was meant to be up about half a year ago - an interview with David Willis regarding SEMY-Automatics! Okay, so it's been out for absolutely ages now, but I still thought you might like to read the preview. So, by all means do. :)
20th September 1998: Just a quick note to say.. those of you who have mailed me asking to review games - please bear with me. I'm drowning under these requests, and am having a hard time trying to download them all. Also, real life has been demanding a lot of me recently, so I may be a little slow writing reviews. But don't worry, I will get round to it.. eventually.. :)
Oh, and yet again.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop asking for Ra, Ra Trilogy!! As I've said several times.. I - don't - have - it - anymore! Sorry to those who requested it, but you may be pleased to learn that Tom (the creator) has almost finished work on a new Ra, Ra game. If it meets his usually standards of cheesiness, I'll make a point of uploading it. :)
Ah yes, and today I joined up to the K&P/CNC Webring, so you may like to check out some of those pages.. uhh.. but look around mine first, okay? :D
Well, seeya later!
13th September 1998: Hmm.. hiya. I've generally touched up the site, fixing links and so on. I haven't touched the Amazing Productions page though, because that's coming down very soon. Sorry I haven't managed to make any major changes yet, but I've been really busy as of late. Still, look for some big changes soon..
Oh, and a final note - PLEASE stop asking me for Ra, Ra Trilogy.. I don't have it anymore, as I said earlier. I'll get around to taking down the Positive Productions page soon, hopefully. Anyway, bye for now!

3rd August 1998: No, your eyes are not deceiving you.. Martin's Klik & Play Home Page is finally receiving an update! It's been almost a year since I last uploaded anything to this page, as I kinda lost interest in K&P and its sister programs.. many of my friends from a few years back were leaving the scene, and lots of new people were appearing every month, and I missed the way things used to be. Despite my message on the old Updates page claiming that I had lost interest in #k&p, I only 'left' the channel for two days, and since then have visited it every day.. but I never felt happy enough to update this page. However, recently I have re-obtained my enthusiasm for amateur game-creating, and so I'm back! :)
And what a year it's been for our wonderful little community. Many dramatic changes have occurred, the saddest of which is without a doubt the fall of Silky's.. It was very upsetting to hear that TNE crashed, taking the page with it. Still, we are all eternally grateful for Silky, and although her page has gone, it was she who basically started the K&P Net Community and formed a place for us all to meet up and discuss and play each other's games, and we cannot thank her enough for that.
Another, more recent change is the newly-released third-generation game-creating program, Multimedia Fusion. Although it is not as revolutionary to C&C and TGF as those two were to K&P, there are many new features that will, no doubt, make future games much more interesting. I don't know whether I will import MMF or wait for the UK equivalent, but I hope to get it soon. Yes, okay, so JODMOFOCTOR hasn't made any games yet (besides Christmas Eve, which was more of a 'present' than a full game), but I have many, many plans and hopefully with the new software they will come into fruition. :)

Well, anyway, I've blathered on for far too long now.. so, about the update! Not much is new today, as I'm really just getting back into the swing of things, but the #k&p page has been re-added. It's not the official page anymore, as previous founder David Willis has thrown down the gauntlet to Craig Jardine, and he has established his own page. However, the Tales From #k&p (remember those?) are still up there, and hopefully new ones will be added soon. Oh, yeah.. the Regulars List is waaay out of date (only about 8 of the 29 listed still visit #k&p.. :( ) but I'll try and make a more comprehensive and recent list when I find the time. For the next few days I'll basically be trying to fix broken links on the review pages (many of the 'Click here to download' links are dead now Silky's has gone), but by next weekend I'll hopefully be making more drastic changes to the page. For example, the Positive Productions page will be going (sorry to those who asked for Ra, Ra Trilogy.. I lost it in a hard drive crash.. but don't be sad, it was really really bad anyway! And if you feel like you voted for my page for nothing, don't worry. I never received the Page of the Day award anyway.. and I think you can see why! :D). Also, I'm going to try and add new, more snazzy graphics to the page to replace the cheezy ones that I made in Paintbrush... :)
And a final note - nearly all of the links in the Links page are broken, too... the majority, however, have not ceased to exist, but instead have simply moved to another server. I know the locations of many of those pages, but some seem to have vanished off the face of the Net. If you know where any of these more obscure pages have moved to, or have a K&P/TGF/C&C/MMF page yourself, please e-mail me with the URL so I can add it to the page.

Well, if you've read this far, you must be either really patient or really bored.. but thanks for putting up with me this long, anyway! Please check back soon for further updates, and have a nice day. :)
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