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     Hey people. Just got back after taking a year off I'm back with a vengence. I'm working on some new tools and tricks that will help my game designing.

      For now, enjoy the stuff we have available. There is a message board open for you to visit and discuss things. Anyone who is interested in becoming part of the team, we are looking for ZZT game designers. Please contact me at ajc1490@hotmail.com Thanks!
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All files available here are freeware. Booyah.
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Old News
   The forums are back up! YAY! I was getting worried. Also I have added an awsome simple MIDI creation utility under the apps section. Go check it out!!
    I added Zorns Rm2k Tool under 'Apps & Stuff.' If you are an RPG Maker 2000 user, you should check it out. In other news, the forums are still down. Soon enough I will register again or somewhere else and get some new forums up. Till then, .. *shrug*
   *Sigh* I come back from my honeymoon only to find the Forums are broken. I did some re aranging of the content here on the site. I'm going to give Freeforum.ca a couple days to see if it goes back up. If it doesn't, I'll have to open a new board elsewhere. Honestly I'm not holding out too much hope.
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