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This page is where you can download my very own games, created using Europress Software's "Klik 'n' Play". Demos may appear here from time to time, but they will be taken down when the full version of the game is released. Currently, all I have is one (puzzle) game for you, but you need to remember that any game that's half-decent takes time to do! Don't worry about it, Pac-Scam 3 is in the works and although it shouldn't be too long, I have a friend who might be working on quite a few games to fill the time while you wait.

Any games downloaded from this page must strictly remain Public Domain (Freeware). That means that if I catch anyone charging anything other than the cost of the media it is written onto for a game, I'll "rip them a new one" using a random kitchen utensil. Better pray it's a spoon if you ask me. ;P

For those of you using a browser that doesn't support 'onmouseover' functions, the information will be set up as a table. And here it is. ^_^



Status (how far into development)


Size of Download

Pac-Scam: Destiny of the Scam


Complete Game



Pac-Scam 2: To the Extreme


Complete Game




Mark Gaze

Complete Game



- Annoyboy

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