Breaking the Rules

You can't break the laws of physics.  Unless you're a Nintendo Characterů
Answer these simple questions and send them to me via e-mail.

Goldeneye 007
Q1) A secret agent is infiltrating a Russian arms facility.  He uses mines to rupture eight gas-filled tanks, then escapes, guns blazing, on a conveyor belt.
i)  Give one reason why the agents guns do not trigger a catastrophic gas explosion.

ii)  Explain why the secret agent's mines will hinder his exit on the conveyor belt (make reference

Q2)  The secret agent makes his way stealthily through an underground bunker.  By mistake, he trips an alarm.  Guards pour into the bunker.
i)  Name the biological process that allows the Russian forces to spontaneously regenerate until the end of time.

ii)  Explain how the secret agent can carry five guns and several hundred clips of ammo without making a noise, missing his target or collapsing from exhaustion.

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If I get the update working there will be some more questions coming soon.