Under Major Construction (Again)

We're Moving! (but still on GeoCities for the time being)

Yeah, it's depressing, but the site is now Video Game Masters, hosted over here. We'd stay on this web address, but just by hosting all this nostalgic crap we're all maxed out on space. Plus, Google's pulled this URL. Not good enough for you, eh? You're supposed to host a site, whether it sucks or not! Meh!

This site still isn't ready, and this time I'm glad to say that. We're going to re-open our site with more info, well organized and categorized pages, a new and less clich├ęd name and - you guessed it - new wave system information! After all, a site dedicated to video game fanstuff is likely to appeal to a large audience, whereas a site dedicated to classic video game fanstuff is too specific, and very few people are interested in such (as we've learned the hard way).

I'm also going to try to get it up and running on SimGames.net. So, basically, it's going to be a completely different site that happens to have our old fanfics and crap, and that's run by the same people. You know how Google pulled this site from the search engines like they did with ChinaSprout and then everyone else did, too? Being completely new, right down to the web address, we should be able to bypass that.

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