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I made some games with an old, old computer program called Klik and Play. They probably aren't what you're expecting. Don't be disapointed when you find out they aren't 3-d shoot-em-up frag fest, or an open-ended online adventure. However, you don't have to run out and buy some expensive 3-d accelerater card and junk. Whatever.
You are free to download, use delete, give to friends, post on your page, etc. because this is all freeware. But I simply ask that you don't take credit for these games; they took some time to make.

(Note to people with "Click" related pages: If you know of a good KNP website, please e-mail and tell me.
Don't think I'm just another person who makes awful KNP games after playing some of the games on here. My best work is still to come. I got my copy of KNP in '95 or '96, and I've been learning as I go. My games probably beat a lot of the other amatuer KNP games out there, judging from some of the games I've played.

In case you are still here, here are some descriptions and additional comments.
Please go to www.clickteam.com to get Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion, or Jamagic so you can start making games like me. Oh, and look for me at the V-cade! (for online games made with click products, www.vitalizeme.com). My username is Mr. Crispy (like you couldn't tell from all the banners on my site)

My Games

Games by Other People and "Click" Community Links

I do not claim to have made these games, and I'm trying to give the original authors full credit. I am merely posting these up on here as a service to you. Some of these games were originally submitted to the Maxis KNP page four or five years ago. Don't dismiss these games just because they're old and made with KNP. These games stood head and shoulders above the rest of the junk submitted to the original Maxis page (including many of my early games lol). I learned a lot from looking at these games, since I didn't have a manual to start out with. And if you want, send me an e-mail and I might add a link on to your page.

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