Klik & Play

and the Games Factory

Klik & Play, or Klik 'n' Play as its called in the US, is a program which lets you write your own games. Don't worry if you (like me) don't understand most programming languages - if you know how to use Windows, you can use Klik & Play (or so they say...).

knp in action jeez.. looks like the the KnP scene is dying down a bit. Sad really. Anyway, here's some links (nicked from someone else's page) Links. Hey cool, I got the Games Factory (a couple of steps ahead of KnP)! If I can be bothered doing anything with it I'll put up some of games\screensavers I make here.

My Creations

(run for the hills!)

Atom Plumdownload Atom Plum, my first proper knp game so it's not brilliant but it's still okay.

download Astro Chicken ]I[ I made this one a while ago when I was obsessed with the Space Quest series of games. It's based on Astro Chicken 2 but it's still got some original bits. Like I said before, it's not brilliant but it's still good.

Attack of the Mutant Flesh-Eating Apes jeez, I haven't done a game in soo long. The difference here is that I did it with the Games Factory. Basically you have to shoot a whole lot of vicious apes with a rocket launcher or machine gun. There are no sound effects, only music. I originally planned to put some in later, but then I couldn't be bothered. I don't think it needs sound effects now anyway