Games by Me! im sorry to say...

This is my simple website that is home to games for the PC i mad using a program called Klik & Play. It's so easy to ue, the learning curve is about an hour, but sometimes you can get really frustrated with it. You can downlod it at the previous link, but you can't download the full version of it unless if you download the school edition. I don't know why, but whatever. My games are al quite simple, and very small, but should be entertaining for a few minutes or so. Hehe. I'm going to try and make more as I go along, but they're probably going to be specifically about Commander Keen and the Dopefish.

Before you download the games, you need two dll's in order to run them. You can download them here. I'm not too sure exactly where you put them in your computer, try the Windows folder.

Here are the Games:

That 70's Pack - I made then when That 70's Show first came out. At first, it was just a Pong game, but I added in Breakout for good measure. Of course, that kinda makes it That 80's Pack, but then you'd end up with a horrible knockoff. Hehe.

Commander Keen's Escape - This is probably my favorite game I've ever made. You are Commander Keen, and you have been kidnapped by the Dopefish. You have to fight your way out of your cell, and fight the Dopefish one on one!

Paranoid Parachuters - I don't know why I made this game. You're in top-down view of a Stealth Bomber, and you, for some odd reason, are shooting at paratroopers coming out of the sky. It's good for a few minutes.

Pokemon Shoot-Up - I just made this for something to do. I think it's pretty good though. Nothing but a bit of wanton mayhem and destruction. He he.

Poke-Pac - This game was a platform game which was a combination of Pac-Man and Pokemon. It was alright, but I made a second one which was way better but it got deleted. I might make another game like this again, like a sequel, but I don't know.


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