Rob Welsh - Kickflip Over the "Excitebike" Ramp
                                                                Stacy Lowery - Frontside Shove It Melancholy to Fakie
                                                                Carlos de Andrade - Big Spin
                                                                Stacy Lowery - Huge Shove It
                                                                Ryan Johnson - Nosegrab Body Varial

Hookups: Asian Goddess

                                                    Geoff Rowley - Tailslide bail
                                                                Geoff Rowley - Heelflip Over Double Set
                                                                Geoff Rowley - 360 Kickflip Over Double Set
                                                                Willy Santos - Fakie Manual to Heelflip Out
                                                                Jeremy Klein - Ollie Over Two Stacked Picnic Tables

Osiris: The Storm

                                                    Dave Coyne - Fingerflip Boardslide On a Handrail
                                                                Dave Coyne - Switch Frontside Bigspin Heelflip
                                                                Jerry Hsu - Nollie Backside 50-50 On a Handrail
                                                                Kanten Russel - Backside 360 Over a Pyramid to Flat Ground

Plan B: The Questionable Video

                                                    Pat Duffy - Double 360 flip