Multimedia Files

Darkwing Duck Theme midi
Ducktales Theme midi
Darkwing Duck Theme Trumpet (500 Kb)
Darkwing Duck Techno Mix (500 Kb)
Western Michigan University Fight Song midi

*The voice of Darkwing and other Disney Characters, Jim Cummings, singing a Christmas tune. The whole song in MP3 form (1 Mb)

*This and a few other Cumming's Christmas songs can be found
on the Happy Holidays Volume 32 CD from True Value or the
Soundtrack from the CBS Animated Special "The Story of
Santa Clause."

Spiderman Cartoon Maker

You need the  "Spider-man Cartoon Maker to watch these.  Send me other cartoons if you like.  I  will post them. A site that sells the cartoon maker is for $20.18.  I have a couple of legal copies of the software as well.
All the Spider-man cartoons in one zip file 705 Kb

Rather than having all the cartoons seperate, they are in one zipped file.  To watch them, hold Ctrl and click with the mouse the upper righthand corner of the "Spider-man Cartoon Maker" screen.  A menu will show up.  At movie libraries pick the folder you unziped the movies to.  Then when you click the film icon on the right side of the screen  there will be new cartoons that you downloaded in the saved files. Click, watch and edit if you like.


Klik & Play Games

Bowser Land 1.6Mb

Now Bowser gets an adventure.  In this game you get to control King Bowser Koopa, from the Mario Brothers Series, as he goes to the Mushroom Kingdom.  His goal: capture Princess Toadstool and gain control of her kingdom.  As usual.  Toad, Yoshi and the plumber brothers will try to stop you.  There are 12 levels including the Yoshi, Luigi and Mario Bosses.  Bowser must use his fire spitting powers against them.

This is a link to the BMB Trumpet website.  Go to miscellaneous and click to download.