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Coming Soon [ Top of the page ] [ Show/Hide text ]  

A quick overview of what to expect sometime in the future:

A script that will make the "Show/Hide text" buttons (Show/Hide text) actually functional. Please let me know if you have any ideas to help me out, or if there's a better script than this one to do what I want (currently, the script generates a strange [object] error when activated, as you can see here). I've pretty much gone loony trying to figure this thing out (although most would argue that I'm already there...)

More PC Guides and FAQs, and more revised information, including pictures of what you should see while you're following along in the PC Guides.

Updated version of the games, and more of them.

Possibly some music and other stuff that I waste too much time on for the downloads section.

Updates and News [ Top of the page ] [ Show/Hide text ]  

    Wow. I've been pretty busy for summer, and then it only got worse into the school year. I hope I'll never go this long again without an update. But, I was finally able to get this update out, which includes some more stuff in the about section, including new sections such as my signatures and my infamous class schedule. The Forum section has been re-named to the Live section, which now includes (in addition to the Forum): the Image Gallery, "blog" (short for weblog), and the LaunchPad. Also, more backgrounds have been added (and all the old ones have been "re-mastered" at higher quality. Enjoy!) Also, I got some more links (will the madness never end?)
    Good news: I finally found the Visual Studio CD, and I have  already resumed progress on Ultimate Slots game, and I've picked up a Visual Basic book which should help me to figure out more fun goodies to put in the game, and improve it greatly. (Of course, all this depends on when and if I have the time...)

    Many tweaks overall since I rushed my last update slightly, and I've figured out a few new tricks. First, I tweaked the coding behind the layout so the pages are slightly smaller and more efficient. Also, I figured out the command I needed to use on the little popup for the animated logo so that it will close now.
    I'm continuing to make more pages to keep myself busy, and the latest item in the "Scudmissile Network" is the Scudmissile LaunchPad. This page is for all new designs and demos of web pages that aren't quite ready for prime time or so that I can show off some new ideas I have instead of worrying about making a "real" web page.

    If you have been wondering where I was for a couple of days, I was off at Philmont Scout Ranch, hiking through the mountains and just having a great time. Pictures of the trip should be showing up on the Troop 708 Online page "soon". I was also able to add another thing or two, although the "show/hide" script has almost driven me insane (as noted above), but I still remain with a false sense of hope that I will get it to work.
    In other news, thanks to some cool CSS effects, those of you using Internet Explorer 5.5 will find that the scroll bar looks uber-cool and fits right in with the color scheme now. Other than that, there's a new background, I fixed up the links section some more and re-worked some of the music links. Also, I split up the FAQ and PC Guides sections as I continue to clean up some minor layout things across the page. The polls are back as well (authorities are still determining if they were missed at all), and there is some more updated info in the about section. Oh, and I also forgot to mention last time that the page new page design is compatible with almost resolutions (640x480 still has some problems, and it looks much better the higher you go), and it should look a bit better in lower colors.

    Now that school is over and I have a bit more free time, I might be able to get around to some more updates, like this one. This includes "Y.A.N.D." (yet-another-new-design) including some optimized graphics (and throwing out some all together). Once again, I'm going for faster loading times and a cleaner, easier to maintain design. Also, check out new links (as usual) and more content in the About section.

    Still more minor updates, such as some links and more tweaking of the layout.

    Minor updates, including a few more links and a new right border layout.

    Okay, so I didn't do anything on the coming soon section, but there are still more links, including some to SP Design sites, I dumped the animated logo in favor of a still image for faster loading, but if you really miss it, you can visit it again here, and more about me.

    Optimized images and fixed a couple of links.

    New animated logo and header graphic, Tons more PC Guides content, and a revised version of the Memory Optimization guide, thanks to the release of Cacheman 4.0. More links. Link to "All Your Base" has changed slightly to give you the complete back story and official page. 

    Fixed a thing or two with the site map and images. Also, I think I should give you a bit of a heads-up on what to expect form this site for the next couple of months. First of all, I'm hoping to work on a new version of Ultimate Slots once I get Visual Basic installed again, but there are some other things I'm planning. The Help : PC Guides section will grow substantially as I gather more information, get screenshots, and decide exactly how I should write them (and actually go about writing them). I'll always be gathering more links, but I will hopefully get some of the hosted sites up soon so that I can link to those.

    This page now uses FrontPage Themes/Web generation so it's easier for me to expand, and the overall design looks slightly different, but there's the same main layout. This time with more FAQs, new links, new section in help called PC Guides, which will include articles for increasing your computers security and efficiency.

    Slightly tweaked HTML, new picture of me and updated about page (more favorites and a new schedule, for a new semester), some more links and new sub-divisions in the main sections, more specific link targets (for external sites), and a sitemap.

    Completely redone site graphics and layout, including a different menu system (hopefully this will all be more stable and faster-loading), a new game, windows backgrounds and games are now both in the downloads section, updated and edited the about section.

    NEW! Help section, some more backgrounds, slightly modified site graphics, and minor HTML tweaks, including CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

    Yet another new system in the Windows Backgrounds section (I'm keeping this one!), one or two more links, different hyperlink colors, and some more backgrounds.

    An entirely new color scheme and look, the Suggestion Box is now the Forum, my picture is now in the about section, new interface for Windows Backgrounds (larger previews and a menu system), my own web poll, today's date is displayed on the left, and some more links.

    New page design and graphics (including the upper nav bar, no more 'dotz' banners, and some other dHTML effects), & smaller font size.

    Changed the link colors so that there're easier to see, got rid of the scrolling effect on the section explanations to help the pages load faster, there are now two themes in the backgrounds section, and I modified the about section so that it has stuff about me.

    Added some dHTML effects (the scrolling text, link underlines, etc.), fixed some spelling errors and a couple of links.

    More backgrounds, updated intro graphic, modified links section, a comment from me in the suggestion box, and file sizes for downloads.

    More backgrounds, links, and the games section is now up, as well as various other fixes to the pages.

    More links, backgrounds, and lower nav bar added.

Disclaimer [ Top of the page ] [ Show/Hide text ]  

Legal stuff that you may want to read... Just remember, you have been warned.

This Page is for:
    Entertainment and informational purposes, and for me to experiment with web- and graphic- design and programming.

I am not responsible for:
    Problems that occur from installing or using software on this site, or the content of other pages that are linked from this site. However, if you are having trouble, check the FAQs or contact me.

You should be aware that:
    Your visit has been counted by the Bravenet counter, and the information that is collected from your hit (site that you linked from, IP address, browser version, screen resolution, and operating system) is only viewable by me, and is only used for determining my target audience and for my own information. The information from the counter is not kept past 50 hits.
    No information on this website may be used for commercial or unsolicited purposes.


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