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Welcome to the Secret Software web page. I have finally had a chance to update my website!!!
Its been almost six months now! Anyway, While Dark Destiny was being played, I cracked up some more games for your minds to work with. Also, I have a new game thats in the download section nowcalled Football Crazy. Its a football game (soccer for all you americans) that allows you to play against a friend or against a computer apponent. Its just a quick game to get yourself into, although 2 player can get quite addictive. Anyway, I have begun work on Dark Destiny II which pretty much carrys on from where the last one left of. It wont be 3D like I hoped it would be and I will actually be using KnP to make this sequal too. But believe me, it will be far better than the original. Ive already got the game planned out and the characters drawn out. Now I just have to put it into pixels. And from now on, I honestly will update regularly.
Name: Hakim Lassal
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