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Created on: July 8, 1997


This is a section where I post questions that I want answered. I may make requests from time to time for someone to help me with a problem that I have. I may need someone to provide me with access to resources I don't have. For example, special programs I don't have. I may just need someone with a special talent to lend me a hand. I can handle most of the programming but I cannot do much of anything when it come to graphics.

MultiMedia Fusion Online's Book Store:

Be sure to check out MultiMedia Fusion Online's Book Store done in association with for book on programming, game programming, ActiveX, and multimedia. These books have been specially selected to be of interest to users of IMSI's MultiMedia Fusion.

MultiMedia Fusion Online's Music Store:

Be sure to check out MultiMeida Fusion Online Music Store done in association with CDNow for all of your music needs. There is even a special sound effects section which may be of use to programmers using IMSI's MultiMedia Fusion.

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