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Warcraft II is the best game ever made. You can get more information on it at Blizzard's web site. It is a real-time strategy game where you build buildings and troops to take out your opponent. Here are some puds(Warcraft II scenarios) that my friends and I have made. These are all for IBM compatable computers. They are in zip files, which can be opened with pkunzip or winzip .
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Venice This is a map of small islands so your city must be spread out over multiple islands. 2 player By Todd Hester and Eric Meixner venice.zip 10k
Kickass This is a map where you are on opposite sides of a lake. There are rivers going around and a path going around the edge of the entire map. 2 player By Brian Daigle kickass.zip 17k
Chopthru Here you start with a medium size gold mine and you must chop through a forest to get to a second one. You are also separated by forest. 2 player By Todd Hester chopthru.zip 4k
Double Waterways This map has strips of land at the top and bottom of the map. In between is water, but it is separated by a third strip of land in the center. 2 player By Todd Hester double.zip 7k
Dirt This map is all dirt and water, except for small patches of grass. This limits the building you can make and forces you to decide which buildings are best.There is a land bridge connecting you and the other player. 2 player and 1 player By Todd Hester dirt.zip (with 1p and 2p version) 16k
Peasants This is a map where you start with 20 peasants each and your gold mines are in the bottom corners. You are separated by rocks. 2 player and 1 player By Todd Hester peasant.zip (with 1p and 2p version)15k
Archers In this scenario, the data for the creatures is edited so that all the creatures except the archers are very expensive and useless. The archers are stronger and shoot farther than normal. Because of this, archers are very important and it becomes an archer-only battle. 1 player By Todd Hester archer.zip 7k
Rocks This map has rocks separating you and the computer. Your only gold mine is close enough to the rocks that they can shoot you with ballistas. This one also has lots of critters. 1 player By Todd Hester rock.zip 6k

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