Lahm and his fellow Germans

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Relive all the emotion of the last seconds at Maracana in this faithful RPG maker recreation of the end of the 2014 World Cup.

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i couldn't get it to work

i couldn't get it to work because the rtp :(

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Me too :(

Me too :(

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I thought i got rid of

I thought i got rid of everything RPG maker could complain about on that regard. i guess not.
I uploaded a new version, which i'm 80 percent sure should work without the RTP

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"The RPG maker 2003 runtime

"The RPG maker 2003 runtime package is not present or not registered".

I'm running it in WINE on linux.

anything that runs in WINE is a bonus really

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Fun game! It makes me wonder

Fun game! It makes me wonder how close you could get to making a soccer game in RPG Maker 2003.

I think the problem was that you were missing the 'FullPackageFlag=1' line in your RPG_RT.ini file. That tricks the game into thinking that the RTP has been installed.

Try the file I've attached here, everybody! I think it will work.

edit: Oh, haha, you posted a new version while I was writing this comment. Anyway, an easy way to test whether your file works without the RTP is to go into your rpg2003 directory and rename the 'RTP' folder to something like 'RTPz'. Then you can quickly change it back after you've tested. But yeah, whatever you did seems to have worked so I'll delete this attachment to avoid confusing anybody.

Who else...

...was reminded of Tecmo World Cup when playing this?