Ghost Cop: one day left till retirement

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This game is based on a conversation where my brother tried describing Driver: San Francisco:

"It's like Dirty Harry. You get to take people's cars and solve crimes"
"How does he take people's cars?"
"He possesses them. He's a ghost."
"How does he solve crimes if he's dead?"
"You just drive around and solve the crimes. Also you get points for stunts."
"Why does a cop get points for doing reckless stunts?"
"He's Dirty Harry. And he also gets money for stunts."
"Is it ghost money? Can he spend it in the real world?"
"You're missing the point"

I later realised most of this description is wrong.

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Amazingly compelling game.

Amazingly compelling game. What ARE fifa coins? And who knew spam was so ripe with creative fecundity?

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Theyre for the fifa game i

Theyre for the fifa game i think

A Song:

Shot in the balls, and you're to blame,
You give FIFA a bad name!

I read up on Driver: San Francisco, and I think that this game show fits neatly into the storyline of a coma dream - regardless of how the original plot line was panned by the critics. Maybe he was unconscious in 2014 and someone else was watching the World Cup in the same room?

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that's an interesting

that's an interesting interpretation!


I saw the bullet moving in slow motion, and was saying, "NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!"

Then the hit, and I laughed. Such a brutal way to die 1 day from retirement.

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If crime pays, it pays in

If crime pays, it pays in Fifa coins.

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i finally played it, the

i finally played it, the peter griffin crying noise? was beautiful