Teeny Adventure Mega Game + Supplement: 104 Games in 1!

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Here it is!

Ask me some questions if you'd like.

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Hey, this is pretty cool. I

Hey, this is pretty cool. I think it's likely confusing for many people without an intro text, but i do think it's interesting. It almost basically i guess like facilitates a pen-and-paper RPG mixed with choose-your-own adventure. I liked the variety of tiny battles, and the phenomenon of selecting a die roll. SORT OF gets at a bit of a Zork meets MUD rpg thing.

I have a feeling that you could code this, and make your own interface that would make more sense. But maybe that's not your intent. For example, this kind of thing could be done in Python or Twine (javascript) with the right codebase starter for you. That said, you did this with tools you're comfortable with and I admire that.

Found the character supplement hard to use. Couldn't quite figure it out.

Two hoots for inventiveness and bizarreness, and a toot for fun mini-battles.

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Thanks for the extensive comment and trying it out! It's real inaccessible. I'll keep all this in mind if I make something similar again.