Little lemon no hope

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Made on a Friday (tm)


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I say! This appears to have

I say! This appears to have been made over multiple days, few of which are Fridays(TM)s!

I'm glad to have played something so personal, but I can't think how to earnestly respond to it. Maybe that's OK? It happens to me a lot playing the games on this site.

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That's okay, as long as you

That's okay, as long as you played it and commented thats great

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There's a lot in here. And I

There's a lot in here. And I appreciate the vulnerability you're putting out there. Despite the crudeness of the game engine, you're really using this in a diaristic and personal narrative way, and it gets to a real core of personal experience of the world in a way that some twine games are able to do as well. I hear what you're saying and hope you have other people to share this with as well.

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Thanks. I'm usually very

Thanks. I'm usually very selective in what I share with people I know in real life. But even if it's just people I know online, that's enough for me I think.

Whoops, I posted the game in the wrong event! Fixed.

You're not alone. Except

You're not alone. Except maybe for the fact that you make an attempt at articulating what's inside you. And I'm not stating that because I think it will make you feel better - indeed, acknowledging there's others in the same boat often makes existence that much more challenging at times.

Reminds me of a friend of mine who is kind of fixated on both tremendous moments of stimulation as well as the nothingness found in a sensory deprivation tank. He's one of the most fascinating folks I've ever met, and he's really been through some shit. Thank you for sharing.

The song is fantastic, too. :)

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I've found that finding that other people feel the same way doesn't make me feel much different. Well if they make something or say something and I think "I like that. I can relate to that." It doesn't change how I feel though, it just makes me feel like there might be something to it.

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I enjoyed this. I especially

I enjoyed this. I especially like how it progresses from cynicism about national politics to an attempt to describe the particulars of an individual's experience founded on a sense of futility. What I really enjoy about the latter portion is that all of the rationalizations, attempted explanations, and introspection that presents a comfort in non-existence and nihilism... has a discrete voice and idiosyncrasies. The soundtrack, the photos, the subject of the text and the text's voice present and prioritize nihilism in a very particular way; what's cool about that to me is that nihilism is often seen as an calibration to a universal zero, a single non-faith that everyone in doubt comes from and returns to... but here it's shown for what it actually is, a detailed personal experience unlike any other.

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Hey, you made yourself

Hey, you made yourself really vulnerable for all of us out there. Congrats on your candor, I would never be able to do this - that's why I made this conveolutedly metaphorical thing about a wolf in snow instead.

I hope you know there is always someone out ther for you, even us here - that's more than nothing!

I liked it, made me think - and I really liked the music.

Love, JS

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For many months I thought the soundtrack was a regular song with a regular vocalist and everything, and the lyrics are original content with some cryptic meaning. I only looked it up recently, and now it's too late: "Unacceptable Condition" will forever feel more profound than it really is. Probably. I can't confidently assert existence or absence of profundity in modern cartoons, the melting pots of fart jokes, existential crises and gore.

Context & Subjectivity

I heard the song and was instantly enamored with it. I later looked up the "band" and was authentically surprised. I'd never even seen the show (still haven't seen an entire episode). Contemporary cartoons haven't consistently scratched that itch for me, at least not yet.

Regarding profundity: on the one hand, there's context, and on the other there's subjectivity. Third, in the mix is the creator and their intent behind making the work. Finally, in the days of remixing, co-opting, and appropriation (that is, "these interesting times in which we find ourselves"), it is all mixed-up and jumbled together, creators upon creators, intents upon it's hard to make sense of anything at times.

The song, when combined with the presentation RhetoricStu offered for us, had a strong affect on me personally (as well?). For me, the song was the glue that kept the topics together. So regardless of the source, I think it worked great. Even if it's a highly-subjective experience, I still can take a lot away from it. Personally, I don't "take back" my thoughts and ruminations once I learn the source material for things. The thinking still happened. Any conclusions were still reached.

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The title of this game is

The title of this game is also a reference of sorts to Adventure Time, specifically the character of Lemonhope, who rejects his role as saviour of the Earldom of Lemongrab to wander the earth for a thousand years. The story of Adventure Time is largely driven by numerous indie/alt cartoonists who seem to have a high degree of creative freedom, and I'd say it's a fairly profound show. That this game uses a song with lyrics assembled solely from Lemongrab quotes probably opens up more possibilities for interpretation than it closes.