Omelette Avec Whatever

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I didn't make it for this event but it fits really well. I probably wouldn't finish it the way I originally planned by 17th so I did what I did there.

This is a game about cooking as you can tell. In rpg maker 2003. Not bad.

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I did it! I made the

I did it! I made the omelette!

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Impressive, considering that it's not really possible... you can just get and add the ingredients. But it looks like you possess the ability of making omelettes in omelette-unrelated games as well, so no wonder it was easy for you here.

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I know that ihavefivehat

I know that ihavefivehat already explained how to fix this to me a long time ago, but is the font intended to look like this? If not is there something I should put in a particular folder or something?

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I loved it! I think the

I loved it! I think the reason that the sun burnt out was using the tap water for the omelette. If you used fizzy water the world would not end and additionally the omelette would come out much fluffier! Something to keep in mind :D