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Made for the event Slice of Life by let-off-studios, who asked us the question: "Where are you right now?"

Here is a game I made that tries to answer the question, ostensibly pretentious to the point of actually including choral music. As usual I made it in Klik & Play then ported it to The Games Factory to make it from 16-bit to 32-bit thus playable. I hope it works!

It may be rough around the edges but I only learned about the event 1 week before due date so some things are done hastily - for which I apologise.

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i really like these sorts of

i really like these sorts of things with slow contemplative moments and a relatively focused theme, it reminded me of glum buster which is one of my personal favorites

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Thanks so much for playing

Thanks so much for playing it! Yeah I meant it to not be played in a hurry. I will be sure to chek out glum buster!