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good story. Is this based on

good story. Is this based on a real clickbait?

Have you seen the clickbait "this will fix your eyesight" and it had a photo of an asian girl with pegs clipped to her eyelids?

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Actually it's based on

Actually it's based on playing We Know the Devil and not reacting to it as strongly as I'd hoped. I'm not sure why I replaced it with clickbait. Before clickbait was even a thing, I remember I once devoted a few weeks to consuming as many tearjerkers as possible thanks to encountering an online list featuring such staples as Thai life insurance commercials, Grave of the Fireflies, and Fry's Dog. As I was looking these up just now, I found that the original list I used is gone but its contents have made their way onto numerous clickbait lists (there are several devoted just to Thai life insurance commercials).

When I look up "this will fix your eyesight" all I get is smiling people with carrots.

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that's interesting. It's

that's interesting. It's weird seeing these thai commercials, I'm pretty cynical of tearjerker ads for life insurance, but I can't help liking it! He watered a plant for no raisin! What a dilemma.

I'ma gona play we know the devil. tomorrow maybe

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I liked it! I have to make

I liked it! I have to make one with this thing as well. And it's a fun mod, really opens up some fun posisbilities.

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oh no youre cute!!! v short

oh no youre cute!!!

v short cute lil game i like it 'w'

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