Pong Hellmouth

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There are many reasons why people don't like to play Pong games anymore. This is one such reason.

Mouse control.

Based off a Breakout engine originally developed by Noyb. Graphics adapted from Noyb's engine or pixel-arted by me. End-of-game graphic from Keith Seifert. SFX made by me in bfxr.

Enjoy (?) !

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That was a fun ending!

That was a fun ending! Though now I wonder if something else would have happened if I'd gotten rid of all the bricks first instead.

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Glad to hear you liked

Glad to hear you liked it!

I had some additional plans for what I would have done had I more time - for example, keeping score and earning bonus points for bricks not destroyed, additional levels with powerups and other perks, moving candles, better sound management - but so it goes. Two hours (plus) was enough time to bring out this version, which brings the point across well enough, I think.