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How much mileage can you get out of clicking Mabel's face? The answer may not surprise you.

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Never have seen the show,

Never have seen the show, but this was sweet, innocent, and enjoyable. I have nieces and nephews who like to show off their clothes or their new hairstyle, and this reminded me of them.

"Finding" her sweater provided me with one of those, "Awwwww..." moments: a fitting cap to the experience. Very nice!

oh yes i know mabel, she is

oh yes i know mabel, she is from Joseph's bar, she is that gal who serves the drinks in the coffee station as well, she's sweet, however she does NOT LIKE madmax at all, oh boy, how she doesn't... like really, the moment that the Baron stepped in the bar she grunted and grumbled and feistily granted off into the distance, Damn was it something to see. anYways i got my coffee and my ticket to the central train station in Tokyo and guess who was there, Mabel. She was there, she was everywhere. I mean if i'd assume that she'd be everywhere i would become a crabster, one that slithers across the boardowalk. Anyways, nice interactivity scheme with Mabel

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This is really cute!

This is really cute!

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Thanks for the kind words

Thanks for the kind words y'all (especially nuuup, who I mostly didn't understand). You may be interested/terrified to know that this game is actually the 435th and final instalment in an obsessive, previously pseudonymous fan project that spanned over three years. I'm not sure how accessible it is to people who've never seen the show, but if you're up for it, try scrolling down this page and let me know how your opinion of me has changed once you reach the end!

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i LOVE the Jason version of

i LOVE the Jason version of Mabel, jason is one of my fave comics people for sure

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i liked it

i liked it

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Finding THE STAR was

Finding THE STAR was definitely interesting.

I don't know how is it possible for a person to draw a flickgame that doesn't look terrible. I guess I don't have the patience.