Small Mammals and Progress

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As complex as a flickgame gets. Confusing. Ambiguous.

Trainwrecks are art (at least mine are, but I'm pretty sure all other trainwrecks are art too, including even those that are definitely not, and excluding a professional-looking game of some dude who is more popular than me in some other circles that got no comments at all, hahaha serves him right for being successful), so provide some artistic analysis!

Check it out, or at least read the tags.

Also there's a cheat option implemented so don't use it.

Made For: 
An event


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interestign, i can't tell if

interestign, i can't tell if there's supposed to be a way to get a rating other than 3
edit: i didn't notice the color code enterer the first time

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Only 80%!?

...That's high enough, I guess.

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woo! anarchoprimitivism, my

woo! anarchoprimitivism, my favourite impossible utopia

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